About Nirmiti Academy

What does it take for people to become more successful and transform their lives?

Do they need that someone to create smart opportunities, experiences to go beyond and achieve that transformation?

As the name suggests, ‘Nirmiti’ stands for creating such wholesome learning experiences to transform your lives.

Nirmiti Academy is an organisation that offers Coaching, Mentoring, Guidance, and Training courses in Personality Development, Soft Skills and English language programs for individuals, institutions and organisations.


Based on founder’s trials and tribulations of success, failure and success again, her interaction and engagement with diverse learners, expat spouses, students and institutions over these years, and her core interest in inspirational learning, led her to create ‘Nirmiti’.


We, at Nirmiti Academy, believe in empowering people of all walks of life to explore their true potential and evolve into winning personalities.


Nirmiti Academy aspires to work closely with people who have this rare ability to go beyond their limitations. These people are ‘leaders’ from different walks of life – Homemakers, Professionals, Teachers, Students, Entrepreneurs, and Organisations.

Our Approach

Our unique methodology has been developed after running countless interactions and engagements with diverse learners of over 700 students, homemakers, teachers, entrepreneurs, professionals and academic and cultural institutions.

The learning journey starts with analysis even before Phase I, where your needs are defined and awareness is built, program is designed and delivered in Phase I, pratical learning in Phase II and finally assessd in Phase III, followed by ongoing learning support through Follow-up phase.

Phase I

Through interventions and discussions, we understand your needs. The program is customized to suit the individual learning needs and facilitated by a team of experienced facilitators of over 12 years in teaching and training. The sessions are conducted in multi – dimensional environment in Phase I.

Phase II

These highly interactive and practical sessions are conducted every week over 2-3 months to ensure maximum efficiency. Live projects, weekly practice and formative assessments are taken for practical exposure and quick learning in this application phase.

Phase III

In Phase III, ongoing learning support through series of interventions and assessments is provided. Final assessments, immediate feedback, and felicitation with certificate ensure reinforcement and enrichment.

Follow Ups

Refresher programs are conducted every six months to ensure continuous learning and review of future actions. Telephonic touch points are provided every month to ensure sustainable improvement.

Our Values

Our logo is a true reflection of our values.Creation, Openness and Acceptance from the ‘N’ and the bark of the human tree.

Growth and prosperity

Trust and Confidence

Ambition and Leadership

The mind and intellect

Colourful outcomes of personality nurtured through Nirmiti ‘s programs from the leaves. Each colour signifying. And finally, the arc that the human figure is rooted in the tree is also an understroke, which signifies ‘defining’ – your personality!

  We, at Nirmiti, strongly believe in the teachings of Swami Vivekananda…
We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves…  


Nirmiti Academy specialises in delivering Personality development, Campus to Corporate,Spoken English, Coaching and inspirational seminars for common leaders from all walks of life - Homemakers, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Institutions.

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