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Let’s Learn – A Professional Intern development program

Let’s Learn, Internship Development Program at Nirmiti Academy, is not only designed for highly demanding and specialised work profiles but also, grooms, mentors, and transforms young leaders to be fully prepared for organisational culture and demands.

After going through a series of challenging assessments, the student intern is finally chosen to undertake multi-faceted responsibilities.

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Internship Development page at Nirmiti Academy

“We believe that one can become Jack of all and Master of all with the right attitude and skills.”

The Academy is in its peak Growth stage and lays down plethora of opportunities and wide exposure to sharpen one’s skills. At the same time, the Academy is not for the frail – hearted. Real muscle, matured persona, and deeper hunger to learn will take the intern a long way in understanding the Training services market.

Rest assured, you will be a significant part of transformational journey of every learner associated with the Academy. Come and join us in fulfilling our dream of touching more lives!

Our Hiring strategy

  • As soon as you apply to the listed positions with your resume, you will undergo a first line of telephonic interview.
  • You will also be required to work a demo presentation on a subject of your specialised area
  • Upon clearing all the checks and assessments, you will be selected and ready to take-off your career with us!
  • Along with your multiple projects and work exposure, you also undergo a complete grooming and personality development program in 3 phases as given below
Our Hiring strategy Nirmiti Academy

How we help You to “Transform”

Phase 1 

Classroom Learning


Through our Classroom learning sessions, we equip you with the right Soft Skills essential in today’s competitive world for personal and professional growth with various experiential activities like role-plays, video – recording, open discussions, mock interviews, team – building exercises, presentations and many more. These highly interactive sessions not only boosts one’s confidence and overcome stage fear but also, aids your project work in dealing with interanl and external stakeholders.

Phase 2 

Application of Learnings


Students are required to work on live industry and result-oriented projects while getting groomed and mentored. This phase is extremely challenging and entails one to contribute just like any working professional. Your performance in your projects is continuously evaluated through series of assessments and achieving key business goals.

Phase 3 

Final Assessments


After having taken care of the journey and not just the end,  the interns undergo the final milestone of assessment and earn their certificates and recommendations.

Why Intern development is important?

  • Build confidence and Corporate Communication Skills
  • Acts as a stepping stone of your career with valuable and enriching Work Experience
  • Practical and result-based learning
  • Enhance your Soft Skills to support your technical and academic skills and exhibit employability and positive attitude
  • Get trained by Internationally Certified Training Faculty
  • Coaching and Mentoring will give you a better perspective towards work and life

Contact us to join our Intern development program today and grow into a WINNING PERSONALITY and MOST SOUGHT-OUT JUMPSTART TO YOUR CAREER!


Nirmiti Academy specialises in delivering Personality development, Campus to Corporate,Spoken English, Coaching and inspirational seminars for common leaders from all walks of life - Homemakers, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Institutions.

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