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Online IELTS Speaking Program

Are you planning to get settled in any English-speaking country? Do you wish to go abroad to study and develop your career? Do you dream of going to any European nation to achieve bigger professional goals? Clearing IELTS test with a good score is the first and foremost step forward towards achieving this greater goal.

As International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is aimed to assess English language competencies, it is a mandatory process for all the candidates aspiring to move to countries where English is the essential language of communication. The better you score on the IELTS test, the more opportunities you will have when it comes to picking up your preferred place of study or work. The candidate needs to have a strong command over English language in order to survive in countries where English is the official language.

‘IELTS Speaking Program’ at Nirmiti Academy helps you to manage your interactions and communication with everyone at your workplace and outside efficiently. The program will work on developing the ability to express formal communication in oral as well as in written form. The program will focus on better vocabulary suitable to your professional or academic needs and requirements. It will also work on improving your communication skills by way of helping you to understand the different tones and styles that can be used in your personal interview rounds.

Highlights of Online IELTS Speaking program

Understand the importance of mastering all three parts of Speaking exam

Learn the ways of avoiding common mistakes in English

Attain confidence in English communication during the personal interview rounds

Acquire a vast knowledge of the topic vocabulary to answer the examiner’s questions confidently

Equip yourself with the functional language you will need in the exam to think, compare and contrast, agree and disagree effectively, use fillers etc.

Know effective strategies that will enable you to perform at 100%

Work out strategies to explore new words to express and defend opinions

Identify what makes the conversations more interesting and engaging

Gain competitive edge and massive learning in Communication English competencies

Evaluate and demonstrate enhanced speaking

Why Nirmiti Academy’s Online Program?

Safe and flexible learning from home

Customised, focussed and live interactive sessions

Individual feedback, weekly assessments and practice exercises

Pocket – friendly rates

Easy to learn and understand with tried and tested activities

Exposure to varied levels of English competencies

Certificate of completion

If you are a professional or a student, who would like to achieve your ultimate goal of going to an English speaking country, we will help you to better your English language competencies and help you to boost your confidence to face the test with higher rates of success. For further details about the program, contact us today on

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