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Online Personal Excellence Program

Stay ahead of Competition:
Create value through competencies:

The coronavirus pandemic has deepened risk management, demanding managers and executives to familiarize themselves to remote work, learn new practices, and find ways to support consumers and clients. For businesses, educational institutions, governments and people, the Covid-19 disaster, particularly the lockdown and their effects on organizations, has been an eye-opener. It has compelled us to change our understanding and way of working and living. 

With cutting edge and ever-changing technology, scientific progress and threats altering environmental conditions (e.g., COVID-19) organisations face challenges such as Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). These challenges out tremendous pressure on organizations and employees struggle to stay ahead of competition. For which, they need such human resource who can create value through their competencies.

Thinking about the truth, only one out of every odd employee fit into the expectations of thought, intellect, aptitude and potentials. That is absolutely why a representative/professional take up opportunities to empower himself with specific skill sets that keeps him thriving for years.

Nirmiti Academy’s online Personal Excellence Program is a comprehensive training program to help you accomplish results and top performance in any life arena you select. Through our Online Personal Excellence Program for professionals, our focus is to empower people to redefine themselves, sharpen their talent, and cultivate such skill sets to maintain competitive advantage. Where the employee can avail skill development programs at their workplace, may not be able to continually work on improvement areas while meeting the deliverables, especially when working from home. Our online program coaches, mentors and prepares you in re-skilling in order to adapt to the changing traits of the workplace ecosystem.

We customize and design the entire program to bring out the essential soft skills required to excel in personal and professional areas. This highly time-saving, interactive and activity-based program will catalyse transformation and overall personality development.

This program provides participants with the skill sets essential to inspire others and self to attain critical business goals. Diligent professionals must know their own capabilities, act realistically with others, and acclimate to an ever-changing environment.

The online personal excellence program introduces executives to the key capabilities vital for deep understanding into the self and others and offers practical solutions and approaches for aligning their behaviours to that complete understanding.

Highlights of Online Personal Excellence Program

Identify limiting attitude, behaviours and self-beliefs

Become proactive and responsible

Recognise key skills required for personal and professional excellence

Develop effective interpersonal and communication strategies

Take up challenging roles and responsibilities

Manage time, set priorities and goal setting processes

Go beyond the comfort zone

Build the right confidence in you

Get ready for personal transformation

Plan weekly sessions at individual and group level interactions

Thrust on speaking practice, real world and activity-based learning methods

Guided feedback, open discussions and video recording to help you to overcome your fears and weaker areas eventually

Powerful goal setting and action plan for you that brings sustainable and continuous difference in your life in future

Why Nirmiti Academy’s Online Program?

Safe learning at home

Customised live interactive sessions

Activity based and practical learning

Interaction with national and international students

Upgraded levels of programs in 1/3/6 months duration

Individual feedback and weekly assessments

Focused group interaction

Wide variety of programs to choose from

Pocket-friendly rates

Certificate of completion

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