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Youth Leadership Program

Leadership is about the craft of inspiring, influencing and guiding people so that they work together to accomplish the goals of a team or an institution. It’s imperative for students to experience leadership prospects during their schooling, to learn the art of building relations within teams, defining individualities and achieving tasks efficiently. It also offers an opportunity to learn to classify and exhibit effective communication and social skills.

Leadership activates with recognizing and understanding our values. Our values are our fundamental beliefs – those values we consider to be meaningful and desirable. At Nirmiti Academy, we believe all young students should be capable of exercising leadership in different contexts right from the formative age. The more leadership is encouraged, the more it flourishes as they grow up.

Leadership is a vital skill for students in middle and high school to obtain. While they will endure to enhance their leadership style through college and their careers, students can benefit from acquiring an early understanding of what makes a great leader and what holds someone back from becoming a valued leader

Does my child need Leadership development at such a formative age?

Would you like your child to perform well in academics and social relationships?

Do you want him to make ideal career choices and stick to them?

Would you have your child build strong self-image, values and habits?

Do you wish to harness in him a sense of gratitude, positive mindset and beliefs?

Would you aspire him to be able to express his views and thoughts sensibly and freely?

Do you want to build the ability to communicate, solve problems and lead projects and roles?

If the answer to all the questions is Yes, Nirmiti Academy’s one-of-its-kind Youth Leadership program is just for your child!

Nirmiti Academy’s Youth Leadership program enriched with 7 transformational courses aims to redefine their Personality, hone their strengths and talent and develop life and leadership skills right from their formative schooling to become future-ready!

Highlights of the program:

Equip them with positive attitude and mindset

Groom them with the right social and professional etiquette and personal hygiene tips

Nurture the right-thinking skills to solve problems, accept failures and bring creative and innovative solutions

Mentor them on ways to project confident personality traits and Personal leadership qualities

Brush up on techniques to master public speaking

Become confident and collaborative communicators in social and academic discussions

Increase focus, commitment and goal – orientation by letting go of wasteful habits

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial mindset and Leadership traits

The Online Youth Leadership Program of Nirmiti Academy works on developing and enhancing your child’s personality, traits and concern areas to ensure great representation in all aspects of life!

We believe that these essential life and leadership skills cannot be taught but can be coached and facilitated in ways that your child can reflect and bring out innovative solutions on his own!

These hands-on 5 – weeks workshops redefines your child’s internal and external personality traits, emotion handling ability, display social etiquette, cultivate habits, solutions and values that in turn, bring positive change in your child’s life and career. Strong reflections, activity orientation and situational thinking will make your child find answers to your curious self and take timely actions.

In the highly competitive workplaces of today and ever-changing future, having these Life skills has never been more necessary to ensure a successful academic and personal life.

Go the Nirmiti way!

Ranked #1 in Personality Development courses in Thane city

Recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutions in India by Silicon India in 2019

Success stories of more than 1500+ participants from varied fields viz. Engineering, Management, Pharma, Consultancy, IT and ITES, Arts, Education, Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, Construction, Sales and Marketing, Finance, etc

Highly skilled in Classroom, blended and Online Learning courses in Soft Skills, English Language skills and Leadership Skills

Uniquely designed methodology with international techniques and customised for diverse learning needs

Equipped with Professional training centre situated right in the heart of Thane city

Well balanced and flexible weekly and Saturday sessions

Suits everyone's pockets

Adopts Experiential and fun learning methods

Instils Collaborative and Project based learning

Rigorous speaking practice and guided feedback

Conducts Micro batches, Individual and group Coaching

Ensures Positive transformation in all aspects of life!

Youth Leadership program at Nirmiti Academy empowers your child with a winning mindset, sustainable habits and behaviors, persuasive Personality traits and future-skills to lead!

If you'd like your child to learn to lead and become future-ready, please contact us on 9820964553 / 7506375082

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