Corporate Soft Skills Training Company Thane - 5 Essential Tools to carry for an Interview

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5 Essential Tools to carry for an Interview

December, 2019

Have you ever been through this nightmare: You walk into an interviewer’s cabin for your dream job, extend a handshake, get seated to start talking with the interviewer and then you realize that you have arrived without a resume!

Corporate Soft Skills Training Company Thane - 5 Essential Tools to carry for an Interview

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Couple it with no notepad and a pen, the hiring manager infact wonders that how did you land up with an appointment for the interview. Unfortunately, this shows your lack of preparation and may just cost you your dream job. So, if you want to avoid this entire catastrophe, you might want to invest in your preparation right from the time one gets screened for an interview. Today let us make a handy checklist of tools that you must carry for an interview to leave a good first impression.

Soft Skills Training institute Thane - 5 Essential Tools to carry for an Interview

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Let us carry these must-go tools for a 100% preparation:


Smile gets out your pearls of wisdom! You may feel more than 100 butterflies in your stomach, but your attitude and demeanour should be smiling enough to show off your enthusiasm, energy and approachable. It sets the right context to the entire conversation.

2. Folder:

While I have been on the panel of interview several times, I have seen people carrying a tacky folder that pulls out papers insignificantly? Go and buy a folder that will help you to neatly organise your documents. A simple act of adding labels will keep you well organised and prepared.

3. Multiple copies of your resume:

The first mistake that people make is to assume that the interviewer will carry a copy of your resume. Although you may have submitted your resume at the time of the first connect with the hiring team, you simply cannot assume that your resume will be carried by the recruiter. The second one is when you carry a single copy of resume and hand it over to hiring manager. By referring to your copy of the resume will bring more confidence in you.

4. Business Cards or Linkedin Profile Link:

It is always more effective and easier to connect and create lasting impression on your interviewer if you carry a business card. If you forget to carry a business card or are more inclined to tech tools, one can share and connect immediately on Linkedin platform. This can give a direct access to a larger network of professionals.

5. Portfolio:

To create a competitive edge, it is important to gain real time experience as an intern in several projects. Carrying that experience with you will give a glimpse of your potential to your interviewer. Summary of your past projects with valid documents will instill more confidence in your candidature

6. References:

Every interview ends with a check on references. References give a true and fair assessment on candidate’s past records. A list of verified references provided immediately will show your preparation and readiness as well as integrity.

7. Questions:

To show your maturity and intention, it is important to line out a list of questions that you can ask your interviewer. Questions on company’s core values, roles and responsibilities, success indicators, short term and long terms goals and plans, etc. This will show your keenness and your know how on the company.

8. Attitude:

Yes, it is important to set a positive and a smart attitude which will leave the biggest impact on your interveiwer. You may be on a rollercoaster ride, however it’s those 20 minutes which will fetch you your dream job.

Employee Soft Skills Training Thane - 5 Essential Tools to carry for an Interview

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Remember, it may not be the only opportunity however, it is the opportunity of the moment. How you turn this moment to change your life is all in your hands. Well crafted resumes will help you present your information of your past and present achievements but your preparation and readiness with certain tools like these will not only build your confidence but also will present your potential of tomorrow to your employer.

The writer of this article a certified TEFL Trainer, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Coach, and a Corporate Trainer. She shares her expertise and experiences through her writings, teaching, coaching and mentoring assignments for professionals and academics.

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