English speaking classes Thane - 7 strategies to redesign your 2020

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7 strategies to redesign your 2020

January, 2020

English speaking classes Thane - 7 strategies to redesign your 2020

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I love the first month of the year! It’s that month that gets like-minded individuals talking on what is my vision of the year? ‘2020 vision’ – a wonderful way to mark our new year! It is indeed a start of a brand new decade and we would like to make it memorable. New years are associated with new beginnings, new goals, and new life. And this 2020 is going to be a year of transformation for each one of you. This can be that awakening year to build your new energies, new connects, new habits and new You! Do you want to build a brand in You?

Let us become personal brand building strategists and curate a belief that we can design our present for a better future. Let us empower ourselves with the belief that we have 365 opportunities in this new year. Let us start inculcating these 7 strategies that will aid our Transformation.

What is a brand? We have always perecived brand as a product or a service. A brand is a set of perceptions and stories that one sees or belives about the business, values, vision, customers beliefs that get resulted after the usage of that product or service. A personal brand i.e ‘You’ also can articulate a vision, set new values and habits, acquire new skills and acumen, and make sustainable choices that differentiates one from others.

Developing a personal brand requires visual and verbal communication of all that your strengths and potentials which well exhibited will allow your acquaintances, colleagues, friends and more to strike conversations and build relationship with you.

Employee Soft Skills Training Thane - transform your future

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These 7 strategies will guide and drive your present and transform your future.

Add degrees to your Acceptance

Every 31st party of the last year is some kind of a marker to check on your goals. The resolutions that never get manifested due to varied distractions. When one takes a stock of what came in your way, is when you silently reflect on your personal SWOT. SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats. All those resolutions, be it a new diet plan, exercise regime, financial goals, new skill courses, etc that were left unaddressed, will set your action planner of 2020. Do not be hard on yourself and get into a blame web. Tune into your core and think progressively.

Be open to new ways of achieving your goals. When you want to achieve different things, you need to take up new perspectives. Self-awareness will take you a step closer to change. Reflect on the last year if all your choices and perspectives made you a better person. Or were you going in circles with frustration, negativity, guilt or procrastination… Remember that when you look at situations objectively, you will be able to change yourself positively. It is like the ATM account card – you debit old and negative beliefs, values, habits and credit it with new mantras, new goals and new mindset.

Set Micro Habits

Just as Stephen Covey asserts, what does not get measured, does not get improved or changed. If you had wished to be on a weight loss plan in 2019 and got burned out with every resulting festive month, consider staying focused on writing your goals daily.

If you stay away from fat-rich foods for a day, remember it is your small win that matter and needs your appreciation. Festivals, rituals, parties and celebrations will keep presenting in front of you as distractions, it’s for you to make a goal a day and stick to it. Such ordinary wins will keep you focused and engaged. I am sure many of us decided to read at least 10 books in the last year. Strike off the last 6 books and create a mini milestone of reading a book a quarter. Divide the book in 3 months and set a page or two a day.

You will not only accomplish but also see an incremental progress in becoming a reader. A lot would see themselves in the vicious cycle of time versus interest. Even if it is those bathroom minutes in the morning or those travel hours that you mindlessly spend, set a mini milestone to read few lines a day.

Says Master Trainer and coach Dipti Deepak, “The way to ring in change in this new year is to feel joy in these small wins. They keep you calm, energised and resilient”.

Refresh your Visuals

Clothes maketh a man, Shakespeare said. It certainly makes a good impression. And most importantly, it brings dominoes effect on your moods. Designing yourself once again could mean working on your packaging. Your visual communication is largely dependent on the way you dress up and groom yourself. This era is truly governed by the aesthetic sensibilities and the way to cultivate and redefine them is to adopt power dressing this 2020. Invest right in the right fits and colours that add a breeze of confidence and freshness.

Few personal changes in your body smells, your crowning glory and the choice of colours and accessories will simply add new energies and make you love yourself more. Remember you do have to spend a fortune; quick and subtle changes will bring a lot of newness to your entire visual package.

Grow Resilient

Who says that making a list of goals is easier? However, quickly forgetting them is! Just a laundry list of goals is really not helpful to achieve them. Ask yourself – what ticks you to achieve your short term goals? Do you get distracted with naysayers or procrastinate and finally give up? Do you have influencers who can motivate you or are you self-motivated enough to stick to the plan? Are you the tough one to get going or give in to tough situations and distractions? Situations will always remain the same till you change.

One needs to be passionate to be resilient. When you take efforts to make a skill out of a one-time hobby, you build talent. And when apply effort to talent, it becomes an achievement. Count your ahievements and stay true to your efforts. Stay connected with such influencers who help you stay focused, stay committed and stay resilient.

Stay Afloat, Stay fearless

As you take the first step to change, you will fail. In the journey of life, Success always follow failure. It is only our response to it that stretches the timeline. We feel terrible to receive feedback. It limits our thinking and our execution as well. If you want to re-brand yourself this 2020, you need to rise out of this fear of ridicule, fear of failure and fear of rejection. Stay afloat and stay strong with your goals.

Do not dilute your vision. You need to love yourself to be loved by others! The best way is to create litmus test – putting self checks will keep you aware and not rebel or indifferent to feedback on the way. To create the best decade of your life, stay fearless!

It’s all in the attitude, baby!

Even when I walk down to the school bus stop, I walk with head high and with élan. If you run an errand at a supermarket, make it count. One can throw a powerful presentation in a pair of hot pants as long as you had set the right attitude towards prep work. You never know which moment of your life will be pathbreaking. Treat every moment, every hour, every day and every month with a new mindset. Remember it’s the attitude that defines the altitude. And when you stay true to your new habits for more than 21 days, it starts converting it into a skill.

A skill when honed for yet another month becomes your behavior and sets new attitude. The Iceberg theory also states that what one sees at the tip is only the personal and visual characteristics. It is the submerged behavioral elements that bring out the true essence of a personality. New beginnings need a badass attitude to bridge the exceution gap in what I plan and what I decide to change. It is these micro habits that will make a world of a difference to your goal plan.

You are what you eat, say and do.

Health has a new definition this year. Follow a 5-10-15 rule. Create a 5-minute habit of maintaining silence in the day. It’s a sort of traffic rule for blocking thoughts that suck out energies. This will also bring your mind back to the goal at hand. It will bring back calmness and necessary vibrations in your body and mind.

Do not wallow against absence of time to participate in physical exercise. Create a 10-minute routine to start with every day. Top it with few more minutes once you have cultivated a habit. Fasten your stroll, take the stairs once a day, or add a walk to the water dispenser everytime you are thirsty. Engage in 15-minutes of self enrichment slot in the day. It could be reading a book or a blog for 15 minutes before sleeping.

It could be reduction of 15 minutes of screen time a day. Or simply, sleeping earlier by 15 minutes will bring the right energies in your emotional and physical well being. Start this year with 5-10-15 rule and see the ripple effects in your life throughout the year.

Soft Skills Training institute Thane - How do I evolve as a brand

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Easier said than done! How do I evolve as a brand now?

  • Introspect and reflect within yourself every day. It matters!
  • Embrace the new year with open arms and mind. Let go of 2019.
  • Power lies in you, in your positive thoughts and actions
  • Remember acceptance is the only key to unlock happiness
  • Cultivate the 365 opportunities.
  • Dreams work as you do. Believe in actions.
  • Say no to naysayers and yes to influencers
  • Create ripple effect with the 5-10-15 rule
  • Clarity in thoughts will bring clarity in intentions
  • Be in the moment, in the hour and in the month. Every day counts!
  • Your attitude will define your altitude
  • Celebrate small wins; big ones will follow
  • Change your will to learn a new skill.
  • Micro goals and milestones will pave a path
  • Hire a coach; it works!

Remember, a successful brand fulfills brand personality, brand expression, brand authority and brand expansion. Building a personal brand takes time and requires right attitude and choices, continual efforts and undying passion. At the end, it is the good to great journey that you are ready to embark on as the only thing that matters is You! Wish you the best for new beginnings!

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