Personality Development Courses Thane - Navratri - The Nine Colours of Personality

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Navratri - The Nine Colours of Personality

October, 2019

Personality Development Courses Thane - Navratri - The Nine Colours of Personality

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Do you ever open your wardrobe and feel for a moment which colour will you go for today? Navaratri festival just simplifies this ordeal… It consciously provides you the feel and vibe for the colour that goes with you through the day!

Colours can influence how you feel and how others feel about you. We call them ‘impressions’. Each colour vibrates its own frequency and influences your mood, energy and mind. Although we all have our preferences of a particular colour, these nine days of Navratri, one of the great Indian festivals, will give you a pallette of colours that bring different energies on different days of this festival. In fact, these different colours are simply the colours of one’s personality and help you to play around in different phases of life and work.

I know that your favorite colour grows on you over a period of time. For example, I prefer colour yellow as much as I love owning black. However, layers of these powerful colours will bring a different perspective to your body language and help you to pull your soul strings. The colloquial colour associations are abundantly available around the world such as baby pink bring the cherubic innocence, blue sky open the doors to expansive thinking, sunny yellows brighten the deepest sorrows, rosy red brings warmth and glory and zen white bring the peace and tranquility that you miss on every Monday!

Take a case for example - It’s Monday morning, you got out of bed, and start work on an auto pilot mode. Stop and think about it for a moment, how do you feel and which colour did you go for? It could well be that you unconsciously or consciously select the colour that will provide you with the energy you need to get you through the day successfully and with more zeal.

A conscious use of colour can be truly rewarding to feel good about oneself and help you achieve your expectations at your work or personal zones.. As crazy as it sounds, you really need to experience the simplicity of this science. Do you have to present at a board meeting and need to be taken seriously? Wear the powerful red or the fushia pink that bring vibrance and energy around you. If you feel want fluidity in your thoughts, a white paper or canvas bring out the best words or colours for an artist. Consider blue to express reliability and authority like the blue skies. A sunny yellow reveals abundance and warmth hence it is considered for all kitchen décor. Softer and pastel colors such as pink or light green give you a caring and compassionate appearance and one can never go wrong with it. Turquoise brings out your creative and royal side, and both purple and orange are often associated with spirituality and religious bent.

So, as we begin our Navratri Celebrations - one of the mega festivals of India – here is a perspective on how these nine colours will redefine your Personality:


This colour exuberates joy, vibrance and warmth. It also signifies enthusiasm and energy.
A powerful colour to create something together, to start a new initiative and engage your people in teamwork. One of the best employee engagement activity that could be initiated to decorate the workstations that resonates their personality. Marigold décor adds a spark wonderfully!

Day 2: WHITE

This colour symbolises pristine and calm vibes, openness, purity and ideation. It helps you to seek and reflect deeper within. The Zen attitude also largely adopts white. Hence, declutter your mind and workplace with white philosophies. Arrange a meditation session or take a mindful 10 minutes to clear the clutter of your mind. One could also encourage and involve everyone to clear the workstations of all unnecessary items that come in the way of your seamless work.

Day 3: RED

Red has always continued to voo with its passion, energy, fire, attraction and warmth. It activates spark in your demeanour and visual appeal too. If you add a hint of Red in your attire during presentations and meetings, it makes an impact on your impressions. Again, in today’s versatile and fashion-conscious set of people, we could sport hues of Red easily in our attire.
Add a hint of red in your visual tools of presentation. Feel the fire in your belly and vigour just like colour Red in your speeches and presentation delivery. Let it rub all the passion on you and in turn, in your audience.


Whenever you look at Royal Blue or Peacock green, you can visualise a dancing Indian Peacock, don’t you? These two colours do resonate the princely qualities of a Peacock – full of beauty, poise and grandeur. It also reminds you of the onset of rains that brings prosperity and serenity. Peacock, the national bird of India, is always ‘dressed’ to woo his audience with his best attire. It also uses his voice and movement to enthral his audience beautifully. One could imbibe these qualities in every such rendezvous that you plan for business deals, presentations, or such social occasions. Never dress down as it takes away the energy and puts larger focus on how unkempt you can be in managing self and others.


Yellow can never fail to uplift your spirits. It is the colour of happiness, energy, abundance, sunny days. It lets you shine and bask in the glory of positivity and happy atmosphere. One of the themes of Employee engagement is bring the entire team to wear the theme for the day. One could also create sunny morning meets or create a smiley emoticon activity as part of the team buiilding initiative. Bring out the Yellows could be the strength finder activity that brings you to appreciate one’s values and skills of their personality.

Day 6: GREEN

Green is the colour that showcases harmony, balance, growth and new beginnings. Adding an all-vegetables day to your month could be healthy goal. Growing a plant a month or a qaurter by your team members could be a great employee engagement activity that you could do together. Again going by Six- thinking hat method of Problem Solving, you could adopt a greet hat for innovative alternatives for overcoming your problem or hurdles of speaking confidently.

Day 7: GREY

Grey symbolises steel-like strength, robust authority over other colours, shine and sparkle than the colour black and reflect dark shadows that loom over us on bad days. Where we have such happier colours, Grey allows us to be grounded and anticipate bad days, bad moods, and not-so-great performances. Acknowledge the Greys in your Personality and beat them out with conscious array of techniques.


The colour of this day, Purple resonates wisdom, intellect, peace, spirituality. This colour helps you to seek a higher dimension in your personality. Again, Purple is seeked by the fashionistas and fashion gurus as this colour is here to stay! Plan a Reflection activity on a daily basis with just a 5-minute meditation will allow you to engage with your inner self!

The 9-day festival finally culminates into Vijayadashami or Dussehra, which is the tenth day of the festivities. Dussehra is a festival celebrated thrughout our country and abroad as a festival of victory of good over evil. Whatever the colour of Navratri for the year, these nine colours have a calming and harmonious effects on your well being and Personality. Each colour brings you to closer to a greater belief and values that you aspire to imbibe in your personality.

Personality Development Courses Thane - Navratri - The Nine Colours of Personality

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Wish you a very happy Navratri and a prosperous Dashera – May you colour the palette of your life and inspire others to sharpen their personality!

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