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10 Qualities Of An English Speaker

November, 2021

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - 10 QUALITIES OF AN ENGLISH SPEAKER
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Speaking in a foreign language like English with others is not a cake walk, especially for those who are not familiar with the nuances of English language. English speakers know that they need to speak in a way in which the listeners can take in the words that they are saying.

English speakers, therefore, develop and possess certain qualities that set them apart from others. What are these qualities? And even if you are not an English speaker, why should you also develop them? How can these qualities help you to harness your potential and become more successful and effective in your English communication?

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - TOP 10 QUALITIES OF A GREAT LEADER
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#1 Confidence

A highly confident English speaker is more competent, credible, intelligent, knowledgeable, likeable, and believable than the less confident uncertain English speaker.

When it comes to English speaking, confidence is the major key. When speaking in English initially, it is natural for the beginners to be nervous. However, the success lies in developing the confidence to handle such conversations in your life.

#2 Responsibility

English speakers and learners track down their own specific way and take responsibility for their learning. They find the techniques that are best for them as individual learners. They learn from others and experiment with various techniques.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - TOP 10 QUALITIES OF A GREAT LEADER
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#3 Imagination

An English speaker should have good level of imagination to be able to adjust the lessons to keep the students interested. Nobody can improve their Spoken English unless a learner is really interested. So, it is vital for the speaker to have imagination and keep the conversations engaging.

#4 Patience

English speakers should be patient and work at the speed of the student with the ability to correct mistakes with the student feeling they are under-accomplishing or they lose their confidence.

#5 Charisma

Probably the hardest thing to do is to engage your speaking partner or audience while talking in public. The best way to deal with this doesn’t have anything to do with the topic you are tending to, but instead the manner by which you convey your message. This is called charisma.

The major point to remember here is that to engage your listeners, you need to sound interesting and relatable in the manner you talk and be confident while you communicate. The words and phrases that you use according to the situations can also make a significant difference in your communication.

In business dealing and meetings, charisma counts a lot. If you wish to impress your clients or persuade your customers, this will be one of the most important skills to master. You will need exceptional skills in your English communication.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - TOP 10 QUALITIES OF A GREAT LEADER
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#6 Fearless

One of the most important characteristics of successful people in any field is the readiness to take risks and to fail. This is very much true in case of English language. If you wish to be an effective English speaker, you have to look out for and create opportunities to open your mouth and start making mistakes.

Good English learners make errors work for them and not against them. People usually learn second languages like English by trial and error. This may also be one of the most difficult things for English learners to do. A major reason for this is that a lot of conventional approaches do not consider mistakes to be a natural part of the learning process.

The courage and fearlessness to commit mistakes demands a blend of confidence, humility, and hard work.

#7 Curiosity

Curiosity is very closely connected to inspiration and knowledge. English speakers who are curious are always anxious to learn new words or other topics in English language. They ask different kinds of questions, and they would like to know how to apply new vocabulary words and phrases to different real-life situations. They can hardly wait to get out and speak English daily.

#8 Clarity

Make sure that your sentences are structured and organized in such a way that they are clear to your listeners. Frame short, simple, and specific sentences.

#9 Passionate

An English speaker is always passionate to know more about English language and care about a particular topic. His passion to speak English will cause others to stay connected with him throughout the conversation because of the beauty of his words and the clarity of his sentences. Moreover, the power and passion in his English speaking will certainly make his audience to always lend him a listening ear.

#10 Not take things personally

English speakers need the hides of a rhino. You need to be as tough as a rhino’s hides. You must believe in yourself and your message, and even though your success would greatly depend on the opinions of others, you should not be demotivated to accept negative feedback from others. Neither should you care too much about what others think of you.

Fluent English speaking is not an easy task. However, with some practice, and with these key qualities in mind, anybody can master it and attain the fluency that you desire, without question.

In order to be a fluent English speaker, you must think and step out of the box to connect and engage with your listeners. Ensure that you talk in such a way that your listeners will want to hear you.

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