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8 Reasons Why You Need To Develop Your Personality

November, 2021

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane -8 Reasons why you need to develop your Personality
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Have you ever come to a standstill? Do you feel that regardless of what steps you take, you feel less satisfied at work? Do people acknowledge your presence the way you expect them to? Personal growth is the station where you want to park all your energies and become the individual that you always planned to be…

So, what is Personal development or more commonly used and referred as Personality Development? It is that roadmap that fills the gap between your current position and your future aspirations. Personality gets formed due to a mixture of experiences, genetics, environment, upbringing, opportunities, and several life events. Personality Development is a gradual process of acquiring and sharpening one’s traits to be impressionable and recognizable amongst a group. Personality Development courses are a brilliant launchpads for advancing towards such evolving process. It is so much more than working on your talent or skills but more towards self-awareness and self-acceptance. It is also about taking those steps to create a mindset and supporting practices daily.

Let us then appreciate 8 good reasons why you need to develop your Personality:

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - 8 Reasons why you need to develop your Personality
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1. To increase Self-awareness:

While many of us look for extrinsic opportunities, it is important to go intrinsic and peek into oneself. Self-awareness is the first step towards personal development. How does Self-Awareness help you in attaining Personal growth?

You get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

You also investigate your traits, qualities, and reasons to behave in a certain way

You will be able to articulate what choose from your life and how you will accomplish it

You will deep dive into the real reasons and objectives

2. To increase Confidence:

Take an example of Mr. A in your neighborhood. He is known to be that person who is more likely to be pleasing with his behavior and sheer presence. The way he walks and talks with people in community gatherings or deals with problem situations in society meetings all sum up into a confident personality. Whereas Mr. B has been loggerheads with many to start with. He is known to be brash and impulsive in his approach. He rarely gets to lead any community initiatives and finds his skills more undervalued. Confident people find themselves more amiable and credible and are more successful in life.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - 8 Reasons why you need to develop your Personality
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3. To achieve your Goals:

Goals are simpler to set but difficult to achieve. One needs a goal – oriented mindset to be committed and manifest each goal on a daily basis. A Personality Development coach helps you to set these goals in a practical method and bring out a better accountability from you, manifest them and work towards achieving them. Simple objectives can be easily attained but can such objectives be your goals? Are they really part of the big picture? Your Life Goals need to be SMART goals and a Personal Development coach inspires you to attain these SMART milestones conscientiously.

At a professional level too, your Personality traits help you to strike the right rapport in your work relationships. If you focus on achieving your SMART goals in communication skills, time management skills or problem-solving skills, you will be a more distinguished colleague to work and assign responsibilities.

4. To be more likeable:

One does not need to be an extrovert to be a likeable personality! And when I say extrovert, it is more social, outgoing and gregarious person at work. However, by improving your personality, you can still showcase extroverted traits through effective communication and right impressions. You can get more friendly and collaborative in your thoughts and actions.

Remember all those college days when a particular classmate would attract bees in dozens! He was smart and mindful of his presence. He had the right responses to the stickiest situation. And that was the sole reason to be likeable and envy of others in equal measure.

By investing in Personal Development, you will be more easy-going and approachable. People will not only be curious to know more about you but also work along with you. Your Personality will act as a magnet to others.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - 8 Reasons why you need to develop your Personality
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5. To build lasting relationships:

People want to interact with a charming personality. The right amount of humor, balance in your talks help them to gravitate around you. Your actions and words make a whole lot of difference to others and their relationship with you.

Personality Development will help you to add the right zing and chutzpa in your interactions and mannerisms. You will be kinder and respect other person’s views as much as you do yours. You will be more sharing and caring and that will be the winning streak of your Personality.

In today’s madcap world, aren’t we all looking for such people who can strike the right balance between individualism and people-orientation? Healthy and lasting relationships thrive around such balanced Personalities.

6. To be a good problem-solver:

Your Personality plays a very important role in shaping your attitude and potential to deal with adverse situations at work and in life. Personality Development brings a certain positive energy and confidence to not evade difficult situations but deal with them with better preparation. Confident people can find solutions to a problem in a far easier and rational manner than an under-confident person. He can analyze situational factors and take necessary decisions.

The first step towards solving a problem is to identify and accept a problem. Personality Development coach helps you to firstly accept the problem and elicit the possible causes of the problem. Your attitude and traits will shape your perspectives towards that situation and help you mitigate each adversity as it comes.

7. To enjoy your life mindfully

A confident person has good relationship with himself and others around him. Good Communication, trust, mannerisms, amiable interactions, leadership skills are the direct outputs of Personality Development which, in turn, will bring happiness and joy in your work and life. It doesn’t mean that Personality Development will be answers to all concerns however, it will show you the way to deal with unpleasant situations with better preparedness. You will have more reasons to spread joy through your interactions.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - 8 Reasons why you need to develop your Personality
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8. To increase your brand value

How many of us continue to say Xerox for a photocopy, Colgate for a toothpaste or Cadburys for a chocolate? Well, that’s the brand value and recall that these powerhouse brands of last 50 years have created in the minds of the end customer. A person is no less than these brands if he creates a niche for himself through his refined skills and attributes. Personality Development enables you to create this brand value and recall through your consistent actions and improved behavioral patterns. People build that trust in your abilities as you start delivering a certain impression consistently. As a leader, people expect you to have all those qualities that they do not possess. They wish to see a leader that shows consistent patterns of behavior, is predictable, can speak his thoughts and minds his responses. So, Personality Development will indeed help you to cultivate these skills and increase your brand value.

Summing up, if unexpected situations have closed many doors on you, learning to love yourself and investing in your personal development will open a window to success and joy at work and in life. As we clock in 11th month of this difficult year, it’s time to appreciate and embark on this explorative journey of Personality Development!

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