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Common Comunication Mistakes

October, 2021

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - Common Comunication Mistakes
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Communication is way of imparting or exchanging information by speaking, writing etc. Every person has his own unique communication style (a way in which they interact and exchange information with others). Communication has got the power to make or break our world. Bad communication makes way for broken relationships and it is also one of the major reasons why we don’t have world peace. Not many people really have good communication skills. But the good news is here: “It is never too late to learn.”

It may be very well humiliating to commit errors with communication. For instance, if an email is sent without doing enough proofreading and contains errors, you may end up looking messy and unprofessional.

In any case, other communication mistakes can have more serious impact. They can spoil your reputation, upset customers or even lead to lost income.

Look at the 15 most common mistakes done in communication that you may be making and you don’t even know about it: It would be best to avoid them.

MISTAKE #1 Not able to promote your purpose

Most internal communication functions concede that they don’t have a clearly defined and characterized charter. Huge problem. The sad truth is that the greater part of your work will be disposed off as noise if you build up what you do and don’t effectively. Tell the people the reason of doing it.

MISTAKE #2 Interrupting

What do you say to someone when you need to interrupt them? Do you say, “Whatever I have to say is much more important than what you have to say”. Not a decent message, huh? Women commonly interrupt out of excitement or due to being apprehensive that they will forget what they are going to say. Men generally are used to interrupt more as a power move. Regardless, it still says, “I am more important than you.”

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - Common Comunication Mistakes
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MISTAKE #3 Assuming things before you hear the whole message

You most likely have rolled your eyes at individuals thinking, “Oh, I don’t need to hear the remaining part of this – I definitely know what they are going to say. “ Well, perhaps you do, yet perhaps you don’t. Avoid doing that. We don’t appreciate when people make assumptions about what we are saying, so don’t do that to other people either.

MISTAKE #4 Having negative body language

Most of the meaning of a message is contained in the body language. That is immense. Eye contact is part of body language. However, it is just a small part. What about your posture? Do you incline in toward the other individual or are you positioned in such a way that shouts, “I really don’t care what you are saying?” What about your head tilt? What might be said about how far or close you sit from someone? All of these are strong and solid messages. As the old saying in English goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - Common Comunication Mistakes
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MISTAKE #5 Allowing your feelings to control what you want to say

You are extremely angry that you think the rooftop is going to blow off your house. We have all been here. But, it is what you do when you are feeling as such that truly counts. Try not to allow your feelings to get into the driver’s seat. You should go and cool off so that you don’t regret what you say. Then, when your logical and consistent side has kicked in, sit down and approach the conflict with “we” language. Always remember that you are a team. It is not a rivalry or a big competition.

MISTAKE #6 Referring to yourself and your life more than getting some information about theirs

If you never ask others what is happening in their life, then you look pretty self-consumed. There are people who spend about 95% of the time talking only about themselves. It would be so good if they ask the others how they are doing once in a while.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional and Students in Thane - Common Comunication Mistakes
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MISTAKE #7 Not being straight-forward

Management always thinks that people cannot handle the truth. A culture that is straightforward and shares bad news is better than the one that hides information from employees. Retaining data makes a culture of distrust and doubt that at last chips at the trust of your workers. Employees that lack trust in management harms your primary concern.

MISTAKE #8 Not being empathetic and understanding that perception is reality

You may see things in your own way. Others may have their own way of seeing things. Who is correct? Is a Christian right or a Hindu? Everything relies upon who you ask. Sometimes there is no objective. It all depends upon how an individual sees it. Being empathetic and understanding that the other individual’s experiences are genuine to them is key to good relationships. It takes efforts to be a decent communicator. It is like being a good singer – you have to practice religiously if you have to excel in your skill.

In short, communication is an essential skill needed by every individual to lead happy and healthy relationships with people around them. Take care of avoiding these prominent errors in communication in order to maintain effectiveness in your communication. Avoiding these blunders will not only benefit you, but also your communication, your leadership, your effectiveness, your success and your business in a larger view.

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