Online Spoken English Program for Professional in Thane - Transition - from Negativity to Positivity

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Transition - from Negativity to Positivity

September, 2021

Online Spoken English Program for Professional in Thane - Transition - from Negativity to Positivity
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Negative and positive seems just too rational words. However, each of them has an extensive meaning. The former word speaks for itself whereas the latter word is an impactful word.

A person’s life is impacted by these two words. A negative thought will change a person’s life, family and friends. Thinking of a negative thought is easier than thinking of positivity. Negativity doesn't need an invitation. However, to be positive, a person needs to change himself not just from thoughts but also in his body language, emotions, actions and mindset. As it's always said that change is the only constant thing in everyone’s life, the same applies to change in our thoughts from negative to positive state.

Once positivity takes over a person, then there is no turning back. Positivity brings happiness, enthusiasm, energy, stress-free. Even a negative word like ‘I CAN’T’ can be turned into the positive word ‘I CAN’. The classic example is “IMPOSSIBLE” itself says “I AM POSSIBLE”. These positive thought-provoking words are enough to trigger a change in a person’s mind.

Ashna was a person with negative thoughts. She always found flaws in everyone. One day, Ashna met with an accident. As she was staying alone in the city, she had nobody to take care of her. She had never thought that the people whom she criticized were the ones who were taking care of her- Feeding, bathing, cooking for her, taking her to the doctor. She thought to herself that all these days she criticized her roommates and yet they are the ones caring for her. Ashna felt bad for herself. Her roommate Rani saw that she was sad. Rani advised Ashna, to change her perspective of looking at people. She threw some light into Ashna’s mind by changing her negative thoughts into positive ones. Ashna realized her mistake and she vowed to change herself from a Negative to a Positive person.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional in Thane - Transition - from Negativity to Positivity
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Transitioning from positive to negative is an easy process. However, transitioning from negative to positive is a lengthy process. A negative thought can be generated just by listening to certain verbiage or keeping the thoughts in mind and not sharing it with anyone.

In today’s pandemic situation, many of us are affected negatively due to the loss of our loved ones or losing a source of income. In spite of this, some of us have taken this situation to turn around the life in a whole new way. We have adapted to the new technology i.e., Education, Banking, Bookings and almost everything is technology based. We adapted the change in our lifestyle positively. As it’s rightly said, change should come within ourselves. We change our perspective to look at any situation. It will give us enough courage to deal with the situation positively. Being positive, opens our life with more options and actions to deal with any situation. Some of the inspirational books such as The Power of Positive Thinking by Vincent Peale, Re-create Your Life by Morty Lefkoe, Your Erroneous Zone by Wayne Dyer are some of the self-help books to understand the difference in depth

A positive thought-provoking person will always be welcomed whereas a negative thought-provoking person will be criticized. And if anyone is getting criticized, this will affect the person more in depth. So, to not affect our life by the opinions of others or facing criticisms, we have to change. This change will be time-consuming, but it’s a definite change needed in everyone’s life.

A positive person will change the surroundings with its positivity and this will bring a major change in each one. No matter if it’s a human being or an animal. The smile, the enthusiasm, the energy and many more positive aspects will be there with everyone. Regardless of how small the reason is to change a person from negative to positive and vice versa, it affects both ways.

Online Spoken English Program for Professional in Thane - Transition - from Negativity to Positivity
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A person’s body language will speak for itself if he or she were showing negative or positive body gestures. Body language offers the person how to go ahead with a negative person. There are some cons of negativity. Anything which a negative person thinks of doing good, no matter what, will not turn out to be good due to the vibes whereas a positive person will be more than happy in the way things turn out as desired by him or her.

The way we change our perception, the world will change accordingly. You seek truth, you will get the truth. You seek rudeness, you will be faced with rudeness. It is always said that Karma goes hand in hand with our behaviour. A positive will attract positive whereas a negative will attract negative. Although if a person decides to change himself from deep within his soul, then no matter what, he will succeed. However, we are speaking here about becoming a positive person. Positive itself gives a positive feeling. Like Ying and Yang, the white part is full of positivity and the black part is full of negativity or rather an emptiness. However, these two create harmony in this world. If there is sadness, there is happiness. As an electro-cardiogram graph, there are ups and downs that denotes life. We have to be ready to accept this change. We have to balance ourselves between negativity and positivity. Not every day will be the same. Some days, we will be full of positivity and some days, we may be not positive. Yet we have to choose the side which will be benefiting us in a long run. Negativity lasts longer than positivity. However, positivity brings more vibrancy and colour to an individual’s life. A colourful life is always better than a dull life.

To change is the need of the hour in everyone’s life. It can be now or tomorrow or later, but it needs to be there. However, the power to change lies in one’s hands. Be a positive person and change a life around you every day.

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