Online Spoken English Program for Kids and Students in thane India - Importance of Stories for Children

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Importance of Stories for Children

February, 2021

Online Spoken English Program for Kids and Students in thane India - Importance of Stories for Children

Do you remember the last time that you shared a story?

Was it this morning when you told your neighbor about your experience at the supermarket yesterday? Or was it yesterday, when your son brought his project on Taj Mahal and asked you about your visit to Taj Mahal? Was it last night, when you read a good bedtime story to your daughter before putting her off to sleep?

Indeed, we share stories from various perspectives constantly. In fact, sharing stories is as normal to people as eating and sleeping.

Stories play an indispensable role in the growth and development of children. The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like companions. It is also useful for kids to understand that books are a valuable source of information and that good reading skills contribute to significant success in their future lives. Reading also assists children with their confidence levels, adapting to feelings and sentiments and language and learning.

Level of confidence

It is more likely for kids who can read well to have higher confidence levels. This will benefit them in schools as they will feel ready to take an interest fully in activities. Knowing where you fit into the world is another part of building confidence and self-esteem. Stories can help with this process by showing children what people’s lives resemble where they experience and in different parts of the world.

Online Spoken English Program for Kids and Students in thane India - Importance of Stories for Children

Language and learning

Stories are an incredible way to bring new words and thoughts into a kid’s language – beginning with picture books for the very young, working up to more complex novels and books for teenagers. Stories can assist kids with learning concepts such as shape, size, space and color, up and down, inside and outside, numbers and the names of objects. They can likewise teach children about daily tasks and assignments, such as how to brush their teeth, dealing with animals, cleaning and organizing and making food.

Stories are also useful for teaching more complex ideas, for example, the significance of sharing, the passage of time, empathy and compassion for others. They can be useful and valuable when attempting to explain traumatic events, such as family separations and loss.

Fiction based on real-life can also assist children with their own life experience – it shows them how assorted the world is and that a few people’s lives are vastly different to theirs.

And what’s so incredible about learning through stories is that the process is done in a natural way. There’s no actual teaching involved at all, they gain from simply reading the story.


Reading stories can be useful for relaxation, especially before bedtime. They allow kids to forget the stresses and tensions of the day and indulge in fantasy world for some time. The relieving familiarity of a much-adored story, the rhyming and repetition in a picture book, in addition to the feeling that all is well with the world that time spent reading together can encourage, all help the child to relax.

Online Spoken English Program for Kids and Students in thane India - Importance of Stories for Children

Develop the imagination

Stories help to build up a kid’s imagination by bringing in new ideas and thoughts into their reality – ideas about fantasy worlds, other planets, and different points in time and made up characters. It will urge the kids to understand that they can, and ought to, envision anything they need. The magnificence of stories is that they can be super realistic or unfathomably fantastical. They can be reading about children experiencing childhood in the very same circumstance as them one moment and about something else the next, for example Martians holidaying on Jupiter.

Adapting to feelings

When kids read stories that contain feelings and emotions, it can help them understand and acknowledge their own sentiments. It makes them realize that there are other children too who feel in the similar way and they are not alone. This helps the child with understanding that emotions are normal and ought to be communicated. Watching their reactions to the sensations of the characters in the stories will give you some idea of how a kid feels about specific circumstances and emotions. For instance, how the child reacts to the character in the story feeling miserable or scared will give you some hint of how the child thinks.

As should be obvious, children’s stories are important for various reasons and form an essential piece of the developing cycle. Being a part of that process can bring authors a feeling of fulfillment just as being extraordinary fun.

It doesn’t make any difference how old we are, all of us use stories to explore our lives – both past and present – and our potential futures. Some stories allow us to find out more about the lives of our family and friends. Telling and reading stories provides a well-protected space to experience and make sense of the ups and downs of life.

We may all enjoy different stories yet we all share and explore them for the same reason: they are simply fulfilling!

So, keep sharing and exploring the infinite worlds the stories take us to!

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