Online Spoken English Program for Students and professionals and students in thane India - Benefits of Creative Writing for Kids

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Benefits of Creative Writing for Kids

January, 2021

Online Spoken English Program for Students and professionals and Students in thane India - Benefits of Creative Writing for Kids

Creative writing is a fun and simple writing process for kids of all ages. It encourages children to express their thinking or feelings uniquely. Creative writing is also referred to as fiction writing as it gives children the freedom to pen down their imagination into writing. Creative writing helps them to become more imaginative in a way by expressing their feelings in unique ways.

Nowadays, creative writing has tumbled down the path in schools around the world. As a result of rigorous new standardized rules and teachers’ general lack of time to commit to the subject, kids are done being challenged to find their imaginative sides in the classroom.

Yet, by excluding creative writing from schools, children are missing out on a ton of extraordinary benefits. Take a look at several benefits to creative writing that will help your child

1. Fires the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing

With creative writing, children are urged to open the doors of their minds to the world of imagination. They can express and communicate their imagination in writing in a very creative and innovative way. It allows them to think out of the box as children keep pushing their imagination to a higher level. It improves their ability to think of choices. Whether you are good in mathematics or science, creative writing gives you a lift to the picture you need to think more innovatively. When you urge your child to engage in creative writing, you energize the development of their brain and thinking ability to a large extent.

Children who can think and express themselves in an imaginative way can deal with troublesome situations in a better manner since they can take a look at the circumstance from various perspectives which eventually helps them solve problems in a more logical and sensible way.

Online Spoken English Program for Students and professionals and Students in thane India - Benefits of Creative Writing for Kids

2. Make yourself heard

Children frequently avoid expressing how they feel. On a similar note, they may neglect to understand what they feel. Creative writing acts as a safe tool through which children can explore and imaginatively express their emotions and feelings. When writing, your emotions wake up and you can easily unburden your heart without being judged. For example, a sad kid can compose a poem or write a story expressing his/her sentiments and the reason behind those sentiments. In case parents suspect that their child is under some kind of pressure, the parents can urge them to write some kind of articles or stories that they can use to understand precisely how the child feels. By reading such works of creativity, the parent can play a great role in assisting their kid with getting over some of the difficulties that they might be facing in their lives.

3. Build the superpower of confidence

Most people prefer sharing their views and perspectives through writing instead of discussing them, as they might be shy. Creative writing helps your child feel more confident and comfortable when delivering thoughts and opinions in the things that they write. When a child is exposed to creative writing, they can understand that their opinions are not restricted and that they are allowed to state what they feel and think without fear of being judged. Children who are able to communicate imaginatively and creatively end up being better students since they can create good situations in their minds where they can become familiar with all that is taught to them and recall it using good thoughts and ideas that come to them as they learn.

Online Spoken English Program for Students and professionals and Students in thane India - Benefits of Creative Writing for Kids

4. Communication and Convincing skills

Usually, a paper that is well written involves a great deal of reasoning, organization and planning as well as a suitable language to effectively express an idea. It is a great practice for kids communicating their thoughts as well as making an attempt to convince their readers of their perspective. The older an individual is, the lesser the creativity. Therefore, parents are advised to urge their children to write and be innovative as well as utilizing their imaginations to the extreme and thereafter praising them when they are finished. Parents and teachers should strive to build the children’s confidence so that they can convey their views, thinking and emotions.

5. A better understanding of writing and reading processes

Constant practice in creative writing helps your child to improve their vocabulary and allows them to understand the process of making their writing and reading skills better. With this kind of writing, they will know about what style and selection of words that will make their writing stream for their readers and they will also know about when to adhere to strict grammar rules and when not to. When children know to use their own voice and views to make their writing convincing and compelling, they will understand the importance of creative writing and the various ways that they can utilize it for their potential benefit.

With the above benefits, it is clear that creative writing is beneficial to children and should therefore be encouraged and energized. Children who exhibit interest in this genre of writing should be nurtured as early as possible as they can end up being the best authors, poets or narrators of their time. Most famous writers started writing at a tender age and it is therefore right to urge the children to write. When the above benefits are truly thought about, you can easily pass your writing exam. All things considered; one should have an interest combined with regular practice to improve as an innovative writer as it is not a simple work.

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