Online Public Speaking Program for Students and professionals in thane India - Alter your attitude: from surviving to flourishing

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Alter your Attitude: From Surviving to Flourishing

November, 2020

Online Public Speaking Program for Students and professionals in thane India - Alter your Attitude: From Surviving to Flourishing

We are living in bizarre and uncertain times. The global pandemic of Corona virus has affected all that we done till date, from how we work to how we interact and communicate with each other to how we celebrate festivals. This kind of change can cause fear, tension and stress and can easily move us into survival mode. It is very normal to hit the panic button.

However, moving from a condition of chaos to calm is not easy. For may it has become an ordeal to go through the uncertainty that each day brings. No matter who tells you, these conditions are here to stay! Things being what they are, how can you move from survival mode to flourishing mode? It all comes down to resetting the right attitude! 

1. Be Thankful

These unprecedented times have posed a threat to humanity. We have seen the extreme of positive human behavior during this time and there is still such a great amount to be thankful for. Further, it is possible that in this time of social distancing, we now realize and acknowledge how much we have taken for granted in our day-to-day life. Whether it is the simple pleasure of walking on the streets freely or visiting the public gatherings or places, we never have given a second glance to it…

Develop and keep up a feeling of wonder and gratitude for the simple things on the planet and significantly more so fully expecting when you will have the option to get to that world once more.

Tip: Share one thing that you are thankful for every night around the dining table with your family or flat mates. You could also begin your virtual team meetings this way.

Online Public Speaking Program for Students and professionals in thane India - Alter your Attitude: From Surviving to Flourishing

2. Be Creative

You can be creative about the manner in which you accomplish your work, carry on with your life and deal with your connections.

We have moved from an outlook of “I can’t work from home” to “work from home” and just completing it.

Think about how you use innovation and connect differently with others. We have seen a great deal of new tips from experts who are out of nowhere compelled to assist customers remotely, from tutorials on trimming your own hair from hair stylists to online fitness exercises from fitness trainers. How can you apply that same sense of development to your own reality, as it is at this moment?

Tip: Meet your colleague virtually over lunch since you cannot meet them face to face. You can also celebrate festivals or birthdays on a virtual meet.

3. Be resolute

Be resolute about the things you decide to do as of now. Purposely choose how you will invest your energy and concentrate on the activities that bring you bliss and satisfaction. Make sure these activities line up with your qualities.

For example, instead of carelessly looking through news channels and updates on Covid infections, stop and consider what might bring you bliss and go do that. Also, consider what you need to find out about yourself during this period of enforced isolation.

Tip: Think about a venture you have been putting off because you never appear to have the time. Dedicate 10 minutes every day focused attention on this project or create a meeting platform by inviting people to brainstorm with you on how to begin the task now.

4. Remain connected even when social distancing

Social distancing is not about staying isolated. It is about maintaining a physical distance. Keep in contact particularly with individuals who may be vulnerable and defenseless. Move from messaging to phone or video conferencing and make a daily routine of contact.

Tip: Even if you are camera shy, keep your cameras turned on during virtual meetings. Do make it a point to talk with your team once in a day even on those deliverable day.

5. Be flexible and nimble

Find various approaches to work. Suspend judgment about how individuals are reacting to the emergency crisis and how your staffs are balancing work and home requirements. Remember that everybody is under stress and attempting to explore uncertainty while keeping their lives intact. Have persistence and be empathic. Consider how you can function with others to overcome barriers and obstructions in this difficult and challenging environment.

Deliberately choose how you will invest your energy and focus on the exercises that bring you delight and fulfillment.

Remember, it is important to find your Zen moment every day to maintain a positive attitude, focusing on here and now, and find what motivates you to move forward day-on-day. This is a complex period for all around you and the best way to navigate is to keep your chin up and keep moving further. Tough times do not stay longer; tough people do!

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