Online Public Speaking Program for Students and professionals in thane India - Know 7 reasons to master Soft Skills by your child

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Know 7 reasons to master Soft Skills by your child

December, 2020

Online Public Speaking Program for Students and professionals in thane India - Know 7 reasons to master Soft Skills by your child

A 2017 Gallup survey commissioned by NWEA Assessment Perception Study aimed at answering a fundamental question – Are we preparing our students for their future? In this survey, the respondents agreed that Soft Skills are critical for students for students’ successful career and need to be taught and directly reinforced right from formative years of schooling. Undoubtedly, students of today are the future employers and leaders of global business brands.

So, what are Soft Skills? They are the abilities which are linked to personality traits that aid their interpersonal relationships with their peers, caregivers and teachers. Communication skills, time management, networking, teamwork, creative thinking, problem resolution skills, stress management skills etc. are part of Soft skills that help students to stand out as balanced and promising for additional responsibilities at inter and intra school levels.

As they invest in sharpening their Soft skills in the growing stages of their career, they are paving a path to stand out for better careers in multinational organizations and transform into most preferred corporate resources in future. So, if your child is looking to establish a successful career in any trending fields and bring edge over others in this competitive environment, parents have these 7 reasons to catalyse these transformational ‘people skills’: 

Improvement in their communication levels

In today’s world of digitalization and preferred social distancing norms, communication is largely acts a second fiddle. Most of the students find it difficult to adapt to varied communicative levels and express themselves confidently in projects, elocutions or discussions. On the contrary, a sense of self-confidence is evident in students who have harnessed soft skills as their new-found DNA. While such students not only demonstrate a high level of adaptability with changing situations, learning platforms and study groups, they will also be able to better express themselves in school and college forums, debates and speaking competitions.

Communication skills, tagged as one of the most essential skills on this planet today to not only succeed in their academics but also in their future careers. The students who sign up for Soft skills training get labelled as a potential employment or internship resource. For example: Team spirit is a soft skill must be cultivated in every student to become a team player. This helps them in submission of group assignments as well as prepares them to cope up with different traits and abilities in a team.

Better Understanding in learning classroom concepts

Students step into a classroom with a prime objective of learning and educating themselves in new subjects and concepts. With Soft skills infused in learning ecosystem, the experience becomes more interesting and benefiting. For example: A student with better attitude, values, responsive and listening skills will be able to adapt themselves to different teaching and learning methods as well as deal with setbacks and difficult situations. Students can solve problems, manage their time and meet deadlines and socialize with their peers by employing the principles of soft skills.

Nurture Interpersonal Relationships 

Whether it is an online or a classroom environment, a student of today’s times has to engage himself in many interactions with his peers and professors. In multicultural, multilingual and multinational classrooms, a student has to stay tuned with the expectations of good behavior, empathetic communication and disciplined conduct in a class and after class hours.

We all know that man is a social animal and benefits largely from mutual interactions and connect. At educational level, classroom behavior and supportive relationships creates a strong foundation for students. As they emulate others, good acceptable norms, social etiquette, positive conversations can give way to strong interpersonal relationships. With these skills, it encourages the students to not only befriend others but also interact with each other with a sense of empathy, which is the fundamental base of any relationship.

Online Public Speaking Program for Students and professionals in thane India - Know 7 reasons to master Soft Skills by your child

Develop Emotional Intelligence 

Well we all know all fingers are never alike. Similarly, a classroom is filled with students of different abilities and traits. Where some students demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence, there are others who lack this ability. So, what is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is all about how amicable you as a student are with others and how one regulates one’s emotions while responding to others. With a high emotional intelligence quotient, a student will have improved motivation, can handle rejections, and communicate effectively even in difficult situations. In fact, you will be looked upon as an approachable and easy-to-work with student.

Through soft skills training programs, students will be able to monitor the emotions of others so as to come up with well-informed perceptions and responses on others’ viewpoints.

They also develop high problem solving skills as they look at every situation in an objective manner, without having any pre-conceived notions or judgements

Unleash Leadership Qualities 

There are leaders and then there are followers. With every instance of opportunity given to your child to sharpen his leadership skills turns him into a finer leader. With timely exposure to Soft skills, the students will get motivated to take on leadership roles and tasks in their school days.

Students who lead from the front and participate in many such activities will be able to be more visible to their faculty and their peers. They also give out a loud message that they have it them to take up such projects and can guide others successfully till the end. Trust, tact and assertive traits of a student will define him as a leader. They will attract positive attention and support from their peers to lead and take forth the projects to its completion.

Ace in Project presentations and Examinations 

Soft skills such as problem solving skills, creative thinking, goal setting will come handy for students at the time of exams to better prepare, plan well in advance, execute in a timely and strategic ways and crack even the most difficult situations. Those who have worked in building Soft skills will also be able to cope up with pressure and stress, accept rejections and failure in an amiable and objective manner. Traits like commitment, motivation, positivity will help them come closer to their ambitious goals.

Throughout higher grades of schooling till college years, Presentations remain a part and parcel of student life. Every boring topic can be made interesting and visual delight through presentations and the speaker’s skills of delivering that presentation. If the student has honed his communication skills, he will be able to stand up and voice his opinions and inferences on any topic.

High on commitment and purpose

In today’s times, there are plethora of distractive elements in a students’ life. It is easier to lose your larger purpose and get strayed with such antagonistic factors. However, once the student adopts soft skills, they help them lead a self – driven and disciplined life that revolves around his larger purpose and academic values. The student stays undeterred from his ultimate goals by manifesting a sense of commitment, motivation and passion.

The students learn to say an assertive no to such wasteful energies and see eye-to-eye with the demands of their career. Whether it is to be compliant with the project deliverables, or sitting through a lecture or not spending careless time in the day, the student will be motivated to perform better.

A study by Deloitte recently said that “Soft skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030”.

With the pandemic and the resulting slowdown in the economy has moreover made it a norm for students to be soft skilled and be ready for such tumultuous times. The future workplaces will heavily rely on Soft skills.

Automation, artificial intelligence, digitalisation and equal opportunity will give your child the necessary hard skills however, it is the Soft skills that will act as a key differentiator. With timely exposure to soft skills, will lay the foundation and demonstrate the traits of a potential leader.

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