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Clean Homes, Clean Minds!

October, 2019

Personality Development Courses Thane - Clean Homes, Clean Minds!

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As Diwali, the festival of lights sweeps in, every housewife is busy and overworked to clean up their houses and throw away the old and unnecessary junkies. It is believed that this festival marks the inception of new beginnings. With the onset of this festival. We welcome the New Year and Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth into our clean, well-lit and bright homes and seek prosperity and luck. But is cleaning up our houses enough to be prosperous and successful? Have we ever tried to reflect on ourselves and look deep into our minds?

This Diwali, let us not restrict our cleaning to just the niches and corners of our physical world. Let’s utilize this Diwali to clean our minds too. Our mind is burdened with a lot of stress, pressure and negativity. We don’t recognize it until something very disastrous showcases in our lives which drives us into a state of hopelessness. This loss of hope leaves us in a state of shock and draws out all the lethal words and circumstances we have fed our brain so far.

Hence, it becomes very important to clean our minds of these negative thoughts in order to stay away from such abrupt change of circumstances and conditions. Let us now know how to make Diwali worth enough for your inner self…

Purify the homes and minds:

The first step to the sanitizing of our houses is to throw away all the unnecessary things. Similarly, as far as our mind is concerned, gather the most frequent negative thoughts and clean up our mind off of them.

Positive Self-Talks – A morale booster:

Just as the Diyas during Diwali light up our home, positive self-talks are the guiding Diyas which will help us to keep our minds happy. Always stay focused on the positive side during the entire cleaning process of our minds. Just the way Diyas give out yellow hues, learn to find your yellow sunshine every day!

Goodbye yesterdays:

A new and promising year dawns upon us with the onset of Diwali. As we decide to start living a new life this New Year, we have to ward off the harmful habit of living in the past which denies us of our ideal lives. How many hours in a day do we spend in remembering our past days, whether positive or negative? Always remember that the time we spend on focusing on our past is the time we could have spent in moulding up our bright and brilliant future. ‘Present’ is indeed the gift of today.

Sensible surroundings:

We welcome guests to our clean and fresh homes during Diwali, then why not welcome clean and controlled thoughts too into our minds this Diwali? In order to have controlled thoughts, it is important to have peaceful surroundings. Our opinions and perspectives are often influenced by outside elements like social media, people in the vicinity etc. So, this Diwali, create such a peaceful surrounding by making a new network of people who are a great success, both emotionally and financially. Stay away from your critics and naysayers as they may pull your morale down.

As much as external surroundings grow onto you, being in agreement and acceptance with your inner supreme ego can attain inner peace. You will do a world of good to yourself by coming in terms with all your flaws and bring inner peace. The 1st step to change and kickstarting a new beginning is only acceptance.

Cleanse, polish and exfoliate:

The cleanliness created at our homes before Diwali is maintained further ahead by keeping all things neat and clean. This can be done only if the cleansing process remains and continues as a habit. That’s the same way to exfoliate our minds as well. It is important to polish our minds every now and then by taking a fresh look in the cleansing process and checking your progress and areas of improvement.

Get ready for the darkness that troubles your mind to be thrown away by the light of positivity and inspiration as you prepare to cleanse your mind, body and soul this Diwali

Let us all light the Diya of love, positivity and enlightenment that will clean up our thoughts and help us become a better individual for the world and fulfill the divine purpose of our life.

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