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The Power of Gratitude

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The Power of Gratitude

August, 2019

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If I could offer you an enchantment mixture that would make you more joyful, more benevolent, progressively hopeful as well as increasingly profound and tell you that this magical potion would be free of cost and will require almost no push to utilize, wouldn’t you be intrigued?

If this magical decoction ever existed, wouldn’t you like to want some?

Of course, you definitely would like to get a taste of it! Unfortunately, such an enchanting mixture doesn’t exist. But each of us has something even better than this magical mixture and that is the Power of Gratitude.

The Way to Gratitude

Gratitude is described in Webster dictionary as ‘the state of being grateful; thankfulness’.Gratitude is the most significant key to unlock self-confidence, awareness and pathway to developing your personality. Realizing and being grateful to one’s strengths in the current state brings a great boost to your morale and stops one to become pessimist or self doubt one’s ability to improve. By thanking oneself makes your day more meaningful and worthy to live and succeed. It also builds positive temper. For example, Anitha, a student of Spoken English, was encouraged to list down and focus on her current strengths at the first session to create positive and rewarding approach of learning. Recent studies reveal that focusing on what we are grateful for is generally a rewarding approach to feel more joyful, fulfilled and motivated.

Coaching Services for Business Owners in Thane

When we're appreciating something in self, the entire Universe and its forces work in our stride to improve our self-image. Irrespective of the choice of skills in Personality Development or Spoken English, the learning journey should always start with appreciation towards one’s current strengths.

The following tools could be used to show appreciation towards one’s prevalent skills:

1. Personal SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats):

A SWOT Analysis is an organized list of business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats. Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to the company whereas Opportunities and Threats are external to the company. Similarly, one can draw out and focus on a list of strengths in Personal SWOT Analysis. One could ask the following questions to oneself while identifying and appreciating the strengths: What professional skills do I have?

  • What am I good at?
  • What favorable personality traits do I have?
  • What resources or aids do I possess?

2. SHAPE: Specialties-Hobbies-Attitude-Passion-Experience Tool:

As you try to shape your Personality, this is a fantastic icebreaker tool that not only works best on introducing oneself to the group but also allows one to appreciate and show gratitude to your personal traits. Personality Development and Communication Skills sessions generally kick-start with such icebreaker introduction sessions which builds positive aura and high morale in classroom.

Let us now look at 5 essential ways to cultivate this Power of Gratitude and show appreciation to others or self in daily life:

1. Say Thank you!:

Think about the last time when someone actually thanked you or you genuinely thanked someone else. It plans something very mystical in your relationship with them. By showing gratitude towards others, you can develop the right social etiquette and attitude. In Personal Grooming and Etiquette module of Personality Development course, a greater emphasis is given on expressing gratitude and thankfulness for living a value in the classroom learning and knowledge sharing experience.

2. A way to a man’s heart is also through his Smile:

By merely saying a thank you is not helpful and meaningful if it lacks an accompanying genuine smile! Smiling is an easiest way to express gratitude towards a person. It is an infectious and equally powerful non-verbal tool. This Body language tool makes you a far more approachable and likeable personality at work or social circles. It breaks the barriers of communication and builds positive first impressions in a new relationship.

3. Count the positives:

When we are used to expressing gratitude towards the people around us, it’s time to begin being grateful for some of the positives of our lives. Many of us take life’s privileges for granted and often have no clue about the positive effect they have on us. List out the simple advantages that you enjoy in your life – friends, family members or even your pet that you can be thankful for. Interestingly, you can also show gratitude to your failures and rejections as they teach you the biggest lessons of life. It’s simply cultivating a trait to see the half glass full than it being half empty which acts as first step towards positive personality

4. Perform Kindness:

Performing a random or planned act of kindness also sometime greatly opens your world. Sharing and Helping is caring! Any act of kindness towards your stakeholders makes one highly respectable and a good team player. It triggers sustainable and dependable connections in your communicative workflows at your workplace and defines your values and your personality.

5. Journal your blessings:

Where a handwritten thank you note could be given, the power of the words written for today and saved for tomorrow is tremendously appreciated. It acts as a souvenir or a memoir and it can be truly wonderful way to reflect on how you developed your Personality. Employee Appreciation Cards helps one to largely express your gratitude towards each other and acts as reinforcement towards working to build your skills and your Personality.

Business Coaching Services for Professionals in Thane

Harnessing Power of gratitude gives us the power to evolve as a far more positive, approachable, motivated and successful personality. It can create a sense of happiness than only focusing on his brickbats. It can break barriers of communication and set the right attitude to build relationships. But most importantly, confidence in us catapults as you only have now programmed yourself to see the strengths, appreciate the positives and spread the goodness of life.

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