Public Speaking course Thane - Public Speaking – The Key to Youth Leadership!

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Public Speaking – The Key to Youth Leadership!

January, 2020

If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you are giving up your potential – Warren Buffet

Public Speaking course Thane - Public Speaking – The Key to Youth Leadership!

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The one thing that can change your child’s life is Public Speaking! When we think of public speaking or our children are asked to give a speech, few of them come up with “Oh! I feel so shy” “Will anyone listen to me?” “My friends will laugh at me” and more…When I was a child, I felt terrified to step onto the stage.

I was clearly stumped to even utter a word in front of class of other kids and teachers. You may ask yourself why is public speaking so important? Why could a simple, regular child just speak out few words and not fret over such petty tasks? Believe it or not, but public speaking is one of the most vital skills your kids will need to learn in early formative years to become a fine and confident adult in years to come. It is that life skill that will bring him out of his shell and change your child’s life forever.

This skill is not just for the shy and young. It has gained high importance in determining and shaping many milestones such as your career choices, your business growth, in the relationships you have with your friends, family or education providers. Public speaking is a skill worth learning for any age group! It is not just for the elite or the money – makers; it is for all who would like to create outgoing, well-organised and balanced children right from their adolescent and teen stages of learning.

Every speaking opportunity is an opportunity to grow in leadership and influence, be it for students or professionals. Having the occasion to influence people’s thoughts puts you in a spot to form real positive change in people’s lives. Basing on my experience, I learned that in order to pass a message, confidence is really important but enough. Juggle with words, balance the structure, listen to cues, ensure timing and intent of communication, play with the tones and more bring influential speaking skills to your communication.

Numerous situations in school, college or at workplace require students and professionals to speak up in front of classmates, teachers or management. These include oral reports, in-class reading, joint projects, assemblies, sports, plays, business meetings etc. While some appear to be natural, others tend to be extremely fearful. However, I remember all those times when I missed these opportunities despite having the burning desire in me to stand on the stage and soak the ambience in, to express my thoughts and ideas.

Where then the students were the by-product of herd mentality, naysayers and critics, today, children are often more comfortable interacting electronically than speaking face to face. They prefer to be cool and trendy to support digital communication. Peer pressure, less assertive initiatives and low confidence stall their slimmer attempts to speak or present ideas. Yet many events in a student's life require interpersonal communication skills to be adopted successfully. They need calm, guided, safe and non-judgemental environment in developing their public speaking and communication skills.

More than just giving speeches, the children need to hone their abilities to engage, structure, listen, articulate, converse and influence. It is an enormously creative process to present your ideas logically, creatively and convincingly and offer engaging and useful content or information in the given time period. It is nothing short of an art – The Art of Public Speaking!

Perhaps one of the best aspect of teaching Public Speaking to young kids is you are equipping these young minds with life skills for a better tomorrow. It is an opportunity to enhance their personality, making them confident and shaping their careers. It is that power that you lay in their hands to stand up and speak for themselves that makes this journey satisfying and thrilling altogether.

Here are the 3 Reasons why your young child should go for public speaking skills:

Improved communication skills

Verbal as well as non-verbal communication are the important components of public speaking. Both of these components are essential in getting your message across effectively.  As children grow older, they are required and expected to participate in various activities like oral presentations for book reports, project presentations, or debates. Public speaking skills help the students to stand out in a group and set themselves apart. Cognitive and emotive skills are used to make this communication impactful. One can learn to use heart and head in a fine balance to communicate assertively, confidently and harmoniously.

Increased Self-esteem

By learning how to effectively speak in public, your children will be able to increase their self-confidence. The fear of speaking in public or Glassophobia is one of the most dominant fears in the world. Children who do not have the courage to speak are not just shy but are dealing with deeper concerns. Rather than being namecalled, outcasted or ridiculed for his weaker spots, public speaking skill will help you to see the potential strengths in your child.

By speaking publicly on an unvarying basis, your child will be able to master this difficult skill.  In doing so, he/she will be less inclined to stagger over words and will build confidence. It will enable them to raise their hand up more confidently in class, speak up his opinion, and engage in healthy conversations when desired or expected.

Being an Inspiration

Even if your child does not hold an authoritative or popular position in class, effective public speaking can help her to become a leader in her own eyes. The best part of any successful public speaking opportunity is the look of exhilaration that you see in their eyes and glow on their faces when they achieve success. From being judged, they start being an inspiration to many other weaker hearts. Progressively, they enjoy the process of leading and inspiring oneself and others. One’s ability to lead is closely related with one’s ability to connect with and motivate the audience.

Here are few tips for successfully educating young minds with Presentation and Public Speaking skills:

  • Identify a safe and conducive environment or platform for building these skills sets. Hire a coach or get your child to appreciate and involve in such opportunities to overcome his nervousness while speaking in public. Create a support group for your child and limit the involvement of other learners upto 10 students to start with. Your child will feel safe and less scrutinised.

  • Observe if your child can organize and present ideas logically and persuasively in his comfort zones and groups. If he finds it difficult to be expressive and animated in the spotlight, you might want to check on his surroundings and learning environment.

  • Offer guidance, patience and enough encouragement. Many children are shy at the start but with right learning environment and teaching methods, they can learn to bloom and participate more spontaneously.

  • Be involved and enjoy the process. Every speaking attempt is not perfect! Celebrate their failures as much as their success.

  • Set an example. Your child learns by example and looks upon you for all right and wrong decisions. Listen to his ideas. Create multiple opportunities through social conversations, family outings or formal training programs.

All these skills are not just important for earning a better living in today's competitive world, but are also essential for sustaining healthy personal relationships and achieving academic and career goals in school and college levels.

Public speaking will advance your child’s communication skills, leadership skills, confidence and overall personality. Encourage and gift your child the best platform to speak from their heart, overcome their hurdles through their head and speak fearlessly through their soul. Anchor their firsts and their every public speaking experience to be fulfilling and truly transformational!

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