Spoken English classes Thane - 3 Robust Steps to Becoming a More Disciplined English Learner

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3 Robust Steps to Becoming a More Disciplined English Learner

March, 2020

Spoken English classes Thane - 3 Robust Steps to Becoming a More Disciplined English Learner

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“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”- Abraham Lincoln

A major piece of learning the foreign language of English for Indians is having the self-control to spend numerous hours a week improving your capacities and abilities. It very well may be hard to do this after a long day of work when it is a lot simpler to turn on the TV than to practice your English.

If you are a self-directed English Learner, you understand that nobody else is going to make you into an exceptional English speaker. You can discover others to help you, yet you need to do it yourself without anyone’s help. Also that implies you need to have the discipline to do it.

But how can you develop more self-discipline?

“Discipline is being able to force yourself to do something, in spite of how you feel, over and over until it becomes a habit.” – Kim Brenneman

How can you force yourself to do things that you know are beneficial for you, when you don’t feel inspired to do them in the moment?

How can you improve your discipline to work on your English language skills?

Build Your Discipline Just Like You Build Your Muscles


Your capacity to do something when you would much rather be doing something else takes strength. And you build this strength, much the same as you build your muscles: by working out.

If you know anything about muscles, you will realize that if you don’t exercise them, they won’t be very strong. Furthermore, to get them stronger, you need to use them. That definitely means that you need to work out really hard to build up your muscles of English language.

So, how will you be able to grow and develop your "English discipline muscles?" Just the same ways as you build your normal muscles.

If it is your first time in the gym, are you going to stroll over and get the heaviest loads and begin lifting? Of course not, right? You would surely begin with lighter loads and progress to heavier and heavier loads as your body becomes accustomed to the pressure and stress of working out.

It is the same way with discipline. You need to begin with something simple and normally progress to an ever-increasing number of troublesome things. Then, perhaps one day you can go eight days without eating any food (or not) when you want to sustain with a diet plan.

Acknowledge Your Current Level


Some portion of building self-discipline is being straightforward with yourself about what you can do. If you don’t practice English by any means, do you believe you will be able to start practicing two hours every day? Presumably not.

However, if you don’t spend any time studying English, might you be able to increase that number to five minutes every day? Certainly.

So understand and acknowledge your current level. If you are excessively negative, you will only lift light loads or none and won’t get any stronger. If you are excessively positive, you will continue attempting to lift loads that are unreasonably heavy for you and failing, and a short time later, you will likely get disappointed with yourself. But either way, you won’t get any stronger.

So when practicing your self-discipline, it is critical to realize what you are prepared to do. It is alright to begin slow and gradually lift more troublesome loads.

Spoken English classes Thane - 3 Robust Steps to Becoming a More Disciplined English Learner

Source : pexels.com

So How Do I Start?

The primary thing you ought to do is to shed some light on your purpose. If you don’t have the dimmest idea why you need to be a better English speaker, you will likely lose your inspiration and motivation.

After you have got it resolved precisely as to WHY you need something, it drives the best approach to achieve it. Fix a trial period of few days which will greatly help you to accomplish your goals. The number of trial days you fixed for yourself is where you commit to doing something usually every single day.

The purpose of this trial is not necessarily about the significance of the task that you are doing. The significance originates from really DOING it.

For example, you could set a trial to practice English every day for 30 days for 5 minutes. You could complete 11 days without any problem. Then the 12th day you have a truly bustling day and return from work late. You are overly drained and all you need to do is hit the sack. You think to yourself, “Oh I don’t have to study for five minutes; I won’t even learn that much. I will simply head to sleep.”

But this is the most significant part of the exercise. It is not really about the significance of the task; it is about the significance of doing something that you know is beneficial for you and that you committed to yourself and to others to doing!

What you are preparing yourself to do is to do what you know is best for you, not what you want to do at the present moment.

Because as soon as you say, “Oh, I will simply skip this one day,” it will make it MUCH more probable that you will skip the next day or the one after that.”

So start with something simple and COMMIT to doing it.

In the long run, what you do is less significant than actually doing it. Working up your discipline muscle is one of the most significant abilities and skills you can have. It will not only help you with your English, yet pretty much everything in your life.

So remember the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

So, what do you need most? Why?

What would you be able to do to make little, daily habits to improve your English?


Looking to put your Discipline to Use

How much time do you spend as of now practicing your English? Do you think your life would be better if you drilled and practiced more? Then why not commit to learning and practicing English with the guidance and support of well-experienced and learned mentors and guides?

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