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4 Myths about fluency in english

March, 2020

Best english speaking classes in thane – 4 Myths about fluency in english

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“Language comes first. It’s not that language grows out of consciousness, if you haven’t got language, you can’t be conscious.” – Alan Moore

Fluency in a language implies talking effectively, sensibly, rapidly and without having to stop and pause a lot. A couple of errors in grammar may show up to a certain extent in the clarification, yet it ought to be conveyed in a manner that is straightforward and shows how agreeable you are with the language. Most of the people’s attitudes and beliefs about fluency and language learning were based on popular misconceptions generated by people who knew very little about reaching fluency.

With English, like any other discipline, if you have incorrect beliefs (myths) ,the road to mastery will undoubtedly be long, difficult, boring and might probably result in failure.

For genuinely motivated learners, the hardest thing about success is not hard work, but instead the subject of handy strategies, mindfulness and as this article will explain today, UNKNOWING THE MYTHS we have been taught our whole lives.

Myth1: Fluent speakers don’t make mistakes

  Advice: Relax and make lot of mistakes

There is a popular thought that fluency is an other-worldly land that is known for immaculate and perfect grammar, native-like pronunciation and unhampered communication. The truth is that fluency is none of these. The truth is that few people if any, talk with flawless sentence structure and perfect grammar and almost majority of people who learn English as a second language will always have some sort of influence of their local language. Figure out how to acknowledge this and approve of it. You can work to smooth it out, but your articulation is your social character and this is not a bad thing.

Good language learners learn to communicate first and they work through their sentence structure and pronunciation problems on a parallel basis or after. Mistakes will undoubtedly happen when you open your mouth, yet this is the path to fluency. The baby does not learn to walk by crawling. She falls and falls a lot.

Myth2: Fluency can be attained only through learning grammar

Advice: You should cultivate piece of fluency from the start

Another popular misconception which goes hand in hand with Myth 1, is the idea that fluency is a far-off reality that will come one day when you have learned enough English Grammar. It is alright to expect fluency in the future and greater leaps in your grammar. This is sure to happen with commitment and hard work. However, you can begin finding the courage to endeavor little regular bits of fluency right now. Hypothesis and practice ought to go hand in hand throughout the entire process. If you are learning to use the grammar you adapt now, you will presumably overlook it later.

Successful learners are able to cultivate fluency from the very beginning in explicit circumstances. If you know just how to introduce yourself, learn how to do this with confidence by doing it a lot, whenever, wherever and with whoever you can. Learn fundamental English, how to make proper acquaintance by a ‘Hello’ and farewell by a ‘Goodbye’ and begin considering about every grammar lesson you learn as something you will apply the following day.

This will be a big shift in your demeanor that will help with everything else, bits of fluency that will not leave. It is almost as though you are composing a content for a play that you will act in again and again.

Each circumstance has an open door for fluency and first thing you should focus on are everyday situations. Fluency is not just an abstract long-term plan, but a daily opportunity that you can develop.

The more genuine and real-life situations that you find, the simpler and all the more intriguing your experience will be.

Best english speaking classes in thane – 4 Myths about fluency in english

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Myth3: You must study overseas or be involved with native English speakers

Advice: Make your lifestyle a constant English engrossment

An overseas education program / English exchange program can be an astonishing learning experience, a major assistance for fluency as well as an incredible pleasure for your life, yet it is not a magic pill for your disappointments and failures at home nor an absolute necessity for attaining fluency.

There are many individuals who believe such an experience to be the answer to all their English problems. They often get tied up with the myth, invest a ton of energy and money going, just to return disappointed by not having learned a lot of English.

If you have the opportunities and resources and are a self-directed learner, it would be recommended to plan exploring outing and discovering schools or projects freely as you go along. Nothing is better than important social experience that will grant you social and linguistic chances. If you want to communicate in English, it may be a smart thought to travel alone or without other known people.

Regardless of whether you don’t leave your home country, fluency can be closer than you think if you adapt the proper lifestyle to help an agreeable, enjoyable and steady process that empowers you to carry on with your life through English. In this way, you don’t have to study because ‘you’ it is a piece of your life and you experience it with energy and enthusiasm.

Myth4: Think in English to become fluent

Advice: Create the ingredients for fluent English thinking

People say that the step to fluency is to think in English. While this is valid for advanced students, it is quite often a myth for lower levels.

What this means is that people are confusing the bi-product of fluency (thinking in English) with the process itself (assembling the necessary structure to have the option to think in English).

You need to figure out how to stroll before you can run. You need to learn, acquire and additionally assimilate the foundation that empowers you to think in English before you can think about this as a genuine alternative.

This myth is proliferated by:
Fluent speakers who don’t have a good comprehension of their process and overlook what it is like to be a beginner. Because they have to “think in English” to speak well, they accept that novices have a similar limit.

People who hear this frustration from fluent speakers, however thinking little about language learning process, they assume that this is a universal truth and on the grounds that it was said by a fluent speaker, it must be true for beginners as well.

While advanced English speakers do without a doubt need to think in English to access and stream in their English knowledge, basic learners don’t have the structure to do this yet.

All things considered, there is, in any case, one potential powerful exemption to this myth for beginner and intermediate learners, which may play a very small role in the communication of this myth.

However, as it is little known and very rarely used, it can very rarely be used to dispose of the “think in English myth”. Without going inside and out the present moment, this dynamic strategy has more to do with learning in chunks, imitation and repetition.

You need to enjoy the process of learning and the journey towards English fluency. If you don’t apply the language, you will lose the language.

Since we have covered all 4 myths about English fluency, this is your opportunity to reflect upon the belief system that manages and guides your learning process. Can it be improved in any way?

Remember people everywhere have thoughts regarding English fluency and most of these ideas come from people who have never learned English language. Instead of replying on such contemplated ideas, it is much reliable to pursue learning with right guides and skilled mentors in English language.

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