The Importance of corporate etiquette training in Today’s World

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Etiquette is the new Expression of Business

September, 2019

corporate etiquette training Thane - Etiquette is the new Expression of Business

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Aristotle, the legendary Greek philosopher once said that ‘Man is essentially a social animal by nature’. He cannot live without society. And so, for his acceptance in the society, it is important for him to follow certain socially accepted behavioral norms known as etiquettes.

Likewise, Corporate Etiquettes are certain socially accepted behaviors in all social and workplace situations that one needs to cultivate and master. It helps us show respect and consideration to others and makes others work with you graciously and productively. It is equally important in harnessing business relationships, and those with international presence, they must strike the right fitment of global etiquette in this today’s multi-scale environment.

So WHAT is Corporate Etiquette?

Etiquette isn't just about table manners or following the dress code. There’s more to it. Etiquette is all about showing respect for yourself and everybody else in your very little corner of the world. In a world where rudeness often reigns, why not stand out for being polite and kind? In fact, it is even more than practicing good manners and respectful protocols. It is that good-to-great professional difference that leaves his/her mark wherever he/she goes.

I have met people in many sectors and businesses who refuse to work and collaborate because they come across rude or disrespectful. In service sector, mainly executives are checked during the interviews on how they conduct themselves in fear of being an embarrassment in client interactions.

Etiquette is essential for an everlasting first impression. The way you network with your colleagues, friends, and family members states a lot about your exposure to nature and nurture. Having good corporate etiquette can only elevate your career graph. Starting from the way you walk into the work bay, extend a handshake, share viewpoints and project confident aura goes a long way in creating right impressions at the workplace.

So, WHY is corporate etiquette important even today?

Even If you are the smartest person and technically sound as well, no one would feel like talking to you if you who do not know how to speak or conduct himself in all business and social situations. A Harvard study reported in Forbes magazine stated that one’s success at work is 85% based on social skills and merely 15% on technical skills. Etiquette instills a sense of conviction, collaboration and trustworthiness in the individuals. One becomes more responsible, mature and socially acceptable in informal work circles. Etiquette helps individuals to value relationships and maximize success. What comes out of your mouth can never be taken back and this old saying gets amplified importance at workplace with selective, competitive and microscopic views.

Some of the top pharmaceutical and marketing research companies are highly driven towards hiring only well rounded and groomed individuals because of the nature and exposure of their work demands.

So, HOW corporate etiquette can make or break your impressions as well as deals?

Absolutely. Good conduct and etiquette enhance your personality. For two hours that you spend in your Corporate Training Etiquette program at your workplace can change the way you do business forever. It can sensitize you to make necessary changes to your professional appearance. This will add additional charm, which will go a long way in polishing you as a professional. Always remember, manners need to be developed and adapted. Learning and imbibing good manners will help create a positive impression on others. “Being” the brand may be more important than you think, right from Personal grooming, dressing and styling. I always have believed that “dress for the position you want, not the one you are in”. If you under or over dressed, follow a disheveled demeanor, what kind of an impression you will project as a head of the function that you represent in that client meeting?

Practicing good manners at the workplace still counts in this madcap millennial age. They act as a magnetic body in drawing people towards you. Being sympathetic towards others, and not making fun of the weaknesses or abnormalities of others will take one you a long way in your tryst of becoming the manager. 90% of Life is how you respond to it. Your attitude and perception will determine the way you look at things and respond to certain situations and working members. Your responses will be fine products of good manners and etiquette practice, which finally act as a foundation for success in both personal & professional life.

corporate etiquette training Thane - Etiquette is the new Expression of Business

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So, WHERE do I showcase Corporate Etiquette?

Showcasing the right etiquette at the right place and time will take you a long way in staying ahead of your peers and competitors. Although Etiquettes are required in every phase of personal or professional life, broadly you need to apply corporate etiquette in the following spheres:

  1. Business meeting etiquette
  2. Team lunch and Dining Etiquette
  3. Client interaction or Visitor Etiquette
  4. Social media etiquette
  5. Workplace etiquette
  6. Telephone Etiquette
  7. Business Networking etiquette
  8. Email Etiquette
  9. Personal grooming and dressing Etiquette

Therefore, the presence and scope of Corporate Etiquette can be felt everywhere!

When you shake hands with someone as a greeting, pull out chair for someone, greet the security guard, or step to the side when an elderly person with a cane walks down the street, you display remarkable dignity in harmony with good etiquette. All such actions may appear normal or redundant, but these little actions reveal a natural, thoughtful and careful reflection of inner feelings with the outer environment. Giving a three-minute notice before arriving late to an office meeting simply states that you react and not respond well. Asking before borrowing talks volumes of your communicative abilities. As a matter of practice and better grooming, we take acceptable vocabulary in a meeting scenario in our Business English session for senior leaders in our Saturday batches of Business Communication at Nirmiti Academy Professional training centre.

Study conducted by Pew Research Center, explores survey findings about how Americans view appropriateness of cell phone usage at public places and in social gatherings and the way those opinions sometimes struggle with their own actions. Mobile devices play a complex role in social interactions — many Americans sight them as destructive and off-putting to group dynamics, even as they can’t resist the lure themselves.

Interrupting others as a jumping jack will only be considered sorry state of patience and anxiety. Taunting is not appreciating other’s efforts. Compliments well given are more appreciated than well taken! Today’s digital communication has made your email unsophisticated and offensive. Personal issues brought out on social platforms will always remain “public” and never private.

So, WHICH are the current worst corporate etiquettes at workplaces?

  1. #Being late
  2. #Interrupt others when speaking
  3. #Texting someone during office meetings
  4. #Hold condescending and negative attitude

corporate etiquette training Thane - Etiquette is the new Expression of Business

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In our recently conducted Corporate Etiquette Training program for Pharmadeep Turnkey Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd., it was brought to our notice that few of the employees were unable to follow certain hygiene etiquettes during lunch hours. The need to modify and instill good dining etiquette was prioritized and appreciated largely by GM – Projects, Mr. Kedar Talvelkar.

As Good manners and kindness never go out of fashion, here is The 10 Commandments for Corporate Etiquette:

  • Don’t invade people’s personal space
  • Respect other’s time and they shall respect you
  • Be a Gentleman – Rudeness is not manly
  • What’s there in a name – Most people will appreciate your effort in remembering their names
  • Avoid over-sharing of personal details on Social Media Platforms
  • Don’t neglect hygiene factors at social places/gatherings
  • Keep personal conversations and arguments off social networking sites
  • Avoid Gossip! Even Walls have ears!
  • Don’t Eavesdrop or join the grapevine
  • Dining and Dressing augments Deals

Remember, as per the famous quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Time and tide wastes for no one, so, Invest in making and being the brand “You”.

The Article has been penned down by Dipti Deepak, Founder Director, Personal Excellence Coach and Chief Facilitator at Nirmiti Academy. With over 12 years of core Training experience in Mumbai and in Paris, she brings live experiences and result-oriented learning programs for Corporates. Nirmiti Academy is one of the Top 10 rated in Personality Development and Corporate training institutes in India in 2019.

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