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Creative Tools For Presentation

Albert Einstein rightly said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Art is seen as a unique and expressive way of conveying information. I firmly believe in the fact that information put forth in a creative manner is more appealing and helps in better understanding.

It is truly said that ‘Play’ is the highest form of research. When a particular subject is presented through creative channels, it is more likely to be desirable and interesting for the learner. At Nirmiti, we strongly reckon the concept of unfurling knowledge and information in various artistic and expressive ways. Our aim is to help individuals to bring out their originality and become a blue-sky genius. Through this blog, I will share some of the most significant tools that we stand for:

FLIP-CHARTS : These are a set of large sheets of paper which are either attached to the upper edge of a white board or hung on a wall. The very first task that was allotted to me at Nirmiti Academy was to make a flip-chart for the session plan. To showcase my work of art on the bulletin board was truly a pat on my back from my mentor and motivated me to furher use this tool in my research.

MIND MAPS : A mind map is a ‘key’ diagram used to visually organize the ‘whole’ information. It brings centre-focus to a single concept connecting to associated enablers in form of images and words. They resemble a spider’s web or a tree diagram where all major ideas lead to the central concept and other ideas act as branches. My 1st traget setting exercise was superbly carried out by a Mind-map!

POWER-POINT PRESENTATIONS : Just remember your school days when making PPTs was the most interesting assignment in computer class! PPT's are mostly used in corporate offices, schools and institutes as means of transferring knowledge. Transferring content to the audience with visuals, statistics in single tool called PPTs is simply outstanding!

E-BOOKS : E-books have become an important aspect for presentation, facilitation and research on-the-move. Reading books and research materials online has become need of the hour. Let’s be honest here, how many of us have actually carried a newspaper/book without folding it or getting it all crumbled??? We would rather choose something which is small, sleek and handy which is why most of us prefer carrying kindles or using our smart phones.

AUDIO-VISUAL : Audio-visual systems, like videos, tapes, documentaries, and movies, are also a captivating tool for facilitation. I remember how some of my School smartboard sessions simply turned dull and draining lecture format into fun and interactive learning experiences for most of us!

ROLE PLAYS : Skits and Role Plays are truly beneficial and constructive methods of simulating real-time situations. They also boost confidence and provide a platform to showcase your talent. At Nirmiti, we have woven real-time simulations in our sessions to derive and implement learnings of our day-to-day scenarios.

STORY TELLING : Are we storytellers? Stories are a sure shot ways of engaging and enhancing the learning. To create animated situations through your stories is a great trait of a fine speaker. For me, a story telling session is still just as interesting as it was back when I was a kid. Our participants come up with interesting stories with themes by using booklets, scrapbooks and flipcharts and much more to culminate their learnings..

These 'tools' for presentations are not only helpful but also have enhanced your Personal and Professional expertise. I call them as ‘Shastras’ to make sustainable positive differences in your Persona.

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