Online Public Speaking program for Professional in Thane - Importance Of Activities In English Language Learning

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Importance Of Activities In English Language Learning

May, 2021

Online Public Speaking program for Professional in Thane - Importance Of Activities In English Language Learning

India is a huge country where there are people speaking different regional languages. Yet the people in India give a lot of significance to learn, read and write English -a language which is accepted universally and forms the means of effective communication around the world. Thus, the Indian students long to learn it effectively and adequately to gain command over language skills by being flawless in terms of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and so on of the language.

The need of the hour is to empower the students to communicate effectively and precisely. This can be possible only by getting enough opportunities to practice and apply what they have learned in English language.

Practicing a new language can at times be intimidating, particularly for students with negative emotional factors or full of feelings that may meddle with language learning.

An incredible method to offer students meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and lower their emotional filter is to make learning fun! At the point when teachers use activities that make learning interesting and fun, students are more willing to participate and face challenges. Having a great time while learning additionally helps students hold information better because the process and the interaction is enjoyable and memorable.

Games offer a lot of advantages to the learning interaction of the students. Initially, games keep the lesson from being ordinary and exhausting. On the other hand, they establish an effective and positive classroom atmosphere where students and their learning are central. Games and activities are always fun and energizers for the learners, so they attract their interest unlike many other normal and boring lessons. Indeed, even shy and hesitant children often respond positively to them. This inspires the students and encourages them to get engaged in the lesson and keep working.

Online Public Speaking program for Professional in Thane - Importance Of Activities In English Language Learning

Look at some quick and interesting games and activities below that integrate language learning with fun.

1. Word games: Expand and enrich your child’s vocabulary with word games. It can be as simple and straightforward as pointing out objects at home or during a family trip. For example, “I am now blending the butter into the batter” or “Very tall buildings are also called skyscrapers”. You may even share the definition or give background information about these words.

2. Jokes: Cracking age-appropriate jokes will also help cultivate good humor and creativity in children. This also encourages wits and empowers a creative mind. You can read through joke books for kids and take turns retelling funny and witty stories. Try not to be too critical of their gags, speech or articulation. Instead, articulate and style their sentences in an appropriate manner with proper pronunciation and grammar by echoing the statement once again to them in the right manner, for example, if your child says, “They give me a gift yesterday.” Instead of saying, “That is not how you say it”, you can prefer to say, “Indeed, they gave you something yesterday.”

Online Public Speaking program for Professional in Thane - Importance Of Activities In English Language Learning

3. Riddles: Riddles and puzzles are a fun way to use words and visualize the pictures of scenes or situations. Read or ask riddles aloud to each other and describe to your children the various meanings of a single word, for example school as a place of learning or school as in a collection of fish to assist them with better understanding of the riddles.

4. Homonyms: Promote listening and understanding skills by playing with words that sound something similar yet have various meanings. Allow your children to think of words that sound the same and let them attempt to define each one. This is also a good measure of how much your child’s vocabulary has expanded and if their comprehension of the words is right.

5. Storytelling: While storybooks give ample of amusement and entertainment, sharing stories, regardless of whether real or make-believe, can provide a good bonding time with your children while building up their communication skills. Exchange stories about everyday events. Widen their imagination with fantastical stories and let their innovativeness develop as you make up tales about anything and everything around them.

Online Public Speaking program for Professional in Thane - Importance Of Activities In English Language Learning

6. Songs: Apart from harnessing their musical abilities, songs additionally assist children with learning words. Lyrics have a feeling of rhyme and rhythm. So, it will be easy and engaging for them to sing along. Furthermore, just putting a tune to an activity can be a great game to play with your children.

7. Tongue Twisters: Tongue twisters are a great and fun way to teach children the right way to pronounce and articulate words. It is also a fun way to prepare their tongue to pronounce words. Start with the basic and simple ones and later move gradually up.

Words can be loaded with fun if we know how to boost their use. Together, they can be made up into stories, songs and a ton of different things that will assist your children with being more expressive and eloquent. Keep on urging your children to speak well by developing a healthy and fun learning atmosphere where they can unleash their creativity and expand their linguistic skills. Guide them on the best way to express their thoughts, feelings and actions better using words as this will prepare them to confront the world with confidence as they develop.

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