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Strike a Hundred – A Perfect Moment

Are there any perfect shining moments in life? In retrospect, yes!

Could it be the innocent look in your child’s eyes looking at you or his first steps that you experience perfect bliss? It is that first home that you bought or put your hands on your first hand vehicle? A perfect moment can also be created when you simply sit and immerse in silent moments at your holiday. Or simply when you achieve that mark where time stood still and a beaming look on your face in the moment!

Striking a Hundred is just one of those perfect moments where you sink into contended state of happiness! And you know what, we never strived to make this perfect moment; we simply worked laboriously in turning around well-balanced personalities. How does it feel to achieve your first 100th student mark? It feels truly nothing short of a stupendous accomplishment full of little, big and perfect moments of pure happiness, tears, sweat, laborious usage of vocal chords, failures, sleepless nights and great struggle. Nirmiti Academy finally achieved its first 100th student and Momma Dipti is extremely proud and happy of her achievement!

Yes, Nirmiti Academy simply gave me yet another chance to become a mother of an enterprise and share this divine bond with many learners over the last 2.5 years. It all began and germinated on a usual jog at the crossroad of Rutu Park, a small cozy complex off service road of busy bustling street of Majiwade service road. My own little startup venture, yes ironically, gave birth right in front of the Training centre that the Academy has flourished over these years.

And yes, it didn’t come easy even though I am a certified international trainer or has global work experience in Training or so. Right from etching the name ‘Nirmiti’ to getting its first assignment with a well known business school in Thane, to building newer robust content to even conducting courses for just a batch of 2 students, we kept creating perfect moments of contentment! True to its name, Nirmiti created a slice of life experience to amp one’s confidence and courage to better in their life and career.

These pint-sized assignments gave me immense energy and conviction to go thousand miles with my first employee in a 10*17 living room and deliver robust and transformational programs in Personality Development, Soft Skills and Spoken English for a year. Two to tango was indeed the anthem of the year 2017 where relentlessly we worked to get at least two students every month. As a Homepreneur, I myself would see my entire living room transform and become a toddler’s haven of messy things after 3 pm. From a home venture to madcap adventure, Nirmiti Academy went on a rollercoaster ride with many misses and hits and had successfully completed programs for over 30 students and two more college institutions.

Nirmiti Academy grew leaps and bounds with evolved programs and enhanced offerings for individual professionals and corporate entities.

A turning point in the life of Nirmiti Academy was indeed withEmpowering W brand of seminars that marks the anniversary moment in Jan 2018. It was yet another standstill moment in time when I donned many hats as Event organizer, Director, Motivational Speaker, Leader, Compere, and more to get a grand learning extravaganza held at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Auditorium with LIC, Currae Healthcare and TBZ, The Original. More than 500 women witnessed and followed Nirmiti’s way of redefining their personality! Bringing more energy to that moment was the upgraded Spoken English series of workshops and Student Development programs for Class X and XII students. The triad of perfect moment was completed with the start of professional Training Centre on Akshay Trithiya, the festival of new beginnings in April 2018.

With heightened awareness of what difference Nirmiti Academy’s customized programs bring into the lives of people, we welcomed more students, parents, professionals, individuals, and homemakers with a promise! I was more than a mother, daughter, trophy wife and cook; I was a Founder Director and boss of a petite academy. Huge appreciation and thank you notes followed in subsequent months for the Coach, Mentor and Facilitator in me who had over 11 years of teaching and training experience in Mumbai and Paris. By the end of 2018, we were so proud of few brand associations, seminars, and more than 90 certificate students at the Centre. Marking the 2nd anniversary moment, a humungous multi-scaled event Empowering W 2.0 brought more bittersweet moments of success and newer associations.

And voila! We achieved our first 100 in March even before the Centre completed a year! Was there any formula for creating this perfect moment? Amidst difficult moments of attrition, unhealthy competitiveness, hospitalization, financial losses, pressure to perform and sustain, and displeasure from many, we continued to create such and more perfect AHA moments and instances of faith that kept us living through these little achievements vicariously. After all, as is rightly said, life is not to be measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!

About Nirmiti Academy

The Personality Development program of Nirmiti Academy in Thane works on developing and enhancing your personality and potential traits and concern areas to ensure great representation in all aspects of your life. The training has a holistic approach that redefines your internal and visual personality development traits that in turn, brings positive change in most of your social, academic, personal and professional interactions.

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