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Unleash your Excellence with our Executive and Life Coaching

At some point in your career, at a roadblock or stepping onto that milestone, you may need that neutral, positive and non-judgemental Coach to assist you to explore your true potential.

An Executive Coaching program at Nirmiti Academy helps an individual professional to gain self-awareness, clarify your purpose, set measurable goals, achieve developmental objectives, explore and unlock your true potential and act as a guiding force. Coaches are different from that of doctors or therapists and refrain from giving sound advices. Instead we have infused Training and Coaching methodology and weaved out a transformational series of one-on-one intervention that ensures transformation and gain Personal Excellence.  

Our Coaching program is a creative and powerful one-on-one conversational process that helps individuals in realising their true potential and become the better version of themselves and seek excellence in their personal and professional lives.

Is there any difference between Life Coach, Success Coach, Executive Coach and Personal Excellence Coach?

Coaching may sound like an out-of the-world or out-of-the-reach concept however, just like a successful athlete needs Coaching, an Entrepreneur, business leaders, professionals, individuals will need the insight of a Coach to identify their goals, create an actionable plan that helps you to achieve them.

Success Coaches help professionals to craft strategies to maximise their potential and achieve greater success in their professional goals. They take necessary steps to overcome self-doubts to achieve growth in your ‘success’. For example, an academic student may opt for individual coaching to develop effective ways of study habits and achieve grades. Or an executive may focus on leadership skills and reducing the bottlenecks in managing his team. 

Where Success Coach may work on achieving success and returns in his spheres of work, Life Coach assists clients in developing balance in their personal goals of life. Some areas that we have dealt in Life Coaching are to gain focus in losing weight, build confidence, manage your stress, etc. We work with emotional change and personal transformation to discover the power in 'You'

Executive Coaches, on the other hand, work closely with individuals, at executive or high performing level, to gain self awareness, identify and bring clarity in goals, achieve them, unleash their potential through powerful questions, and act as guide again. Where companies hire executive coaches to fix problems of their high potential executives, at Nirmiti Academy, a number of high performing clientele have hired Executive Coaching service to get groomed for larger roles or deliverables, solve their burning problems, or cater to conflict resolution.

The most evolved and specialised format of Coaching Services is Personal Excellence Coaching, which targets the individuals to discover better ways of handling and living life, strike a clear balance, and demonstrate excellence in all facets of life, personal or professional.

How will our Personal Tranformation Coaching service be more beneficial for you?

Attain new perspectives on challenges in life.

Gives you a clarity on what you want, why you want it and how you can attain it.

Encourages series of steps towards increasing Confidence

Identify your core strengths and abilities to use it to your best.

Improves your relationships and decision-making skills.

Bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to reach.

Set clear priorities and evoke strategies to achieve client’s goal and overall personality

Foster accountability to drive your transformation

Go the Nirmiti way!

Ranked #1 in Personality Development courses in Thane city

Recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutions in India by Silicon India in 2019

Success stories of more than 1500+ participants from varied fields viz. Engineering, Management, Pharma, Consultancy, IT and ITES, Arts, Education, Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, Construction, Sales and Marketing, Finance, etc

Highly skilled in Classroom, blended and Online Learning courses in Soft Skills, English Language skills and Leadership Skills

Uniquely designed methodology with international techniques and customised for diverse learning needs

Equipped with Professional training centre situated right in the heart of Thane city

Well balanced and flexible weekly and Saturday sessions

Suits everyone's pockets

Adopts Experiential and fun learning methods

Instils Collaborative and Project based learning

Rigorous speaking practice and guided feedback

Conducts Micro batches, Individual and group Coaching

Ensures Positive transformation in all aspects of life!

Our Coaching program takes you towards gaining Personal Excellence in a one-on-one setting. A typical Coaching program scales upto 6 months to enable you to deeply explore your choices, decisions, habits and design the person you want to be.

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