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Business Communication - Professional - Managers and Above, Jun - Oct 2019

The communication patterns and impressions in banking and financial industry is still challenging. Volatile business models, external macro financial challenges, lingering absence of consumer's trust puts greater thrust on importance of interpersonal communication. Knowing how to maximise your skillsets and techniques of communication takes paramount importance in this professional world.

Persuasive, assertive and integrity skills need to be imbibed in every banking professional as the client trusts you with their money and this is the most challenging and responsible task. For a Finance professional, economic regulations, complicated algorithms of budgets and forecasting, identifying the right fitment and growth opportunities, understanding the key nuances of the market conditions are all taken in a stride and almost becomes his second skin. What matters is how he performs and stays ahead in time by making it equally worthwhile and engaging? How do you work on your communication techniques to get the message across?

Cultivating the art of effectively exchanging knowledge, ideas and information in a simple yet effective manner is the entire objective of such learning interventions. Whether the information is being conveyed to your employees, customers, management or colleagues, it is important that the best method and demeanour is used when sharing the information.

Effective communication has also become a life skill. It is not just limited to your personal lives, but extends to your social and professional landscapes. If you have to communicate with your team members, management, vendors, clients or even subordinates for that matter, you need to have clear and effective communication skills. Communication partnered with effective listening skills is a greatly recommended and encouraged in all our Business Communication platforms. Coping up with communicative expectations, getting across assertive viewpoints, aiding the leadership goals were some of the highlights when we planned the program for our leadership professional in the Executive program.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted this series of one-on-one and focused group Business Communication Program for individual contributors, professionals and entrepreneurs to provide those effective communication and managerial tools and techniques that will help them to enhance their ability to lead, manage and communicate as a promising leader!

Deepak Semwal, a Senior Banking Professional started his learning journey by pursuing a Business Communication program with Nirmiti Academy in early June 2019. After 5 months of intervention and mutual commitment, his words of appreciation were truly gratifying. He said, "If you want to enhance your skills and are looking for the best mentor who can help them to brush up their skills in Business Communication or leadership skills, so please join Nirmiti Academy. They first understand your need and accordingly design the content which can help you to come out from your struggle points."

Exploring spoken, verbal and nonverbal ways of communication, presentations, interactive activities, problem solving and decision-making ability, effective client interaction, giving and receiving feedback and much more to become a more influential communicator and sharpening the managerial skills were the focus areas of this intervention.

Key learnings from the entire program were as follows:

Understand different stakeholders in your communicative loops

Give powerful Presentations on one-to-one and one-to-many meeting modes

Gain proficiency in effective email writing and telephonic conversations

Alternative approach to Problem Solving

Improve two-way communication & overcome communication barriers

Revamp Business English through vocabulary and grammar usage

Create sustainability through goal setting and functional application

Nirmiti Academy is coaching such leaders to overcome their problem areas, work effectively on their goals and transform into an effective communicator with enjoyable lear ning and participative approaches.

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Business Communication - Professional - Managers and Above, Jun - Oct 2019

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