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Business Communication - Professionals and Entrepreneurs - Jun - Oct 2019

Communication is gaining utmost importance in Pharmaceuticals industry as technological advances, government regulations go stringent, and healthcare needs take a spiral growth. Whether it is managing Research and development at global level or increasing pharmaceutical sales or for that matter enterprising the backward integration and manufacturing processes, communication takes a competitive and challenging turns. Relationship - based communicative segments bring greater thrust on importance of interpersonal communication between doctors, intermediaries, end client or manufacturers. Able to clearly and concisely communicate, maximise your engagement quotient and keep up with the timeframes gives a competitive edge to the pharmaceutical professionals.

Top 3 skill needs brought two of our business leaders together to work closely on Business Communication, Managerial and personal effectiveness and language skills for the last 4 months. Considerable focus was given on increasing self awareness, confidence in communication, and maintain interpersonal and business relationships with all stakeholders.

Nirmiti Academy proudly kickstarted the program in Business Communication and English language skills for senior leader professionals and entrepreneurs in June 2019 to discover strategies and unleash the power through certain tools and techniques that ensures transmission of communication message with maximum impact and credibility. The learning intervention was neatly designed to overcome the following barriers of communication assessed during the pre-training assessment:

  • Lack of confidence in using English communication in global client maps
  • Confident body language
  • Responding and participating equally in meetings and discussions
  • Regulating difficulty in clear and fluent communication

Traditionally, pharma companies have focused communication strategies on products. However, with the recent needs and norms, it is becoming imperative to evolve the communication strategies to cope up with brand building processes and ensuring the health and well-being of the end user. Persuasive, assertive and integrity skills need to be imbibed in every medical professional as the client trusts you with their lives needs. Finer nuances of corporate communication strategies with the aim of differentiating from their competitors and forge effective relationships between your team members, management, vendors, intermediaries, clients or subordinates was the ultimate goal.

For a Business professional with over 10 years of experience, Business communication program translates into coping up with communicative expectations from all stakeholders by increasing self awareness and overcome personal gaps. The program, hence, deals with micro and macro viewpoints of Communication, Language Fluency and People Management skills.

Lalit Patil, Manager at one of the pioneering Pharmaceutical conglomerates started his learning journey by pursuing a Business Communication program with Nirmiti Academy in early June 2019. Wonderful partnership and congruence was essayed in learning goals by Sucheta Chavan, Managing Director of one of Drug Formulation Entrepreneurial firms. Their Vision 2020 was well articulated into their learning plan at Nirmiti Academy to work on Communication, Confidence and Content. In her words, "Nirmiti Academy , is the best training center which helps learners to maximise their potential at different stages of training, raise their awareness of strengths and areas for improvement. This academy helps to gain desired professional goals by upscaling the style of business communication by providing core tool and customised program."

Key learnings from the entire program were as follows:

Understand different stakeholders in your communicative loops

Give powerful Presentations on one-to-one and one-to-many meeting modes

Gain proficiency in effective email writing and telephonic conversations

Improve two-way communication & overcome communication barriers

Revamp Business English through vocabulary and grammar usage

Create sustainability through goal setting and functional application

Dipti Deepak is a Founder Director at NIRMITI ACADEMY, recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutes in India in 2019 by SiliconIndia Magazine. She holds a Gold Honours Post Graduate Degree in Business Adminsitration - Human Resources from IES Management College, University of Mumbai. She worked as a Talent Management and Development professional in Reliance Communication when she began her Management career. Within four years, she established a career in Training and led Management Development program for KPO in Syntel. With an expatriation to Paris, she certified herself as TEFL trainer through TEFL International Paris and started her freelancing career in the field of communication and English trainings. For over four years, she built her repertoire of clientele in Mumbai and Paris in Leadership, Soft Skills and Induction programs. Subsequently, she founded Nirmiti Academy where she facilitates personal effectiveness, soft skills, English language and Leadership development programs to common leaders from all walks of life. With her leadership,

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Business Communication - Professionals and Entrepreneurs - Jun - Oct 2019

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