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Business Spoken English - Batch 4 - Classroom and Online - Professionals - June 2020

Why should I invest time and energy into perfecting my English for my business / profession? Why should I give higher importance to English than any other language I know? Why is it a standard of judging whether someone is fit for a job or not?

Have these questions ever come across your mind anytime in your life when you felt that speaking English is a Herculean task?

Choosing whether English is important for business is essentially a question of survival and successful communication. Face the facts.

Back in the early days of pre-globalization, knowing English was a plus. Whether you like it or not, knowing English was a mark of superior knowledge and modernity. It made you look impressive to people. Now, regardless of your background and upbringing, many bosses will automatically expect you to know English. Even if you received education in regional school or come from a place where English is hardly spoken, today you are still expected to speak English. This means that in order to impress your interviewer or boss now, you have to show that you are extremely fluent and competent in both speaking and writing English.

Learning Business English encourages you to develop both your English language and interpersonal communication skills. Eventually, it will push you to sufficiently communicate and speak to yourself in front of other people.

Two such aspiring women professionals took up this challenge and showed the courage to learn English communication in order to move up their career ladder and be impressionable in front of the people. As experienced professionals, it was expected out of these women participants of our 4th Batch of Business Spoken English to interact with their colleagues and clients and to avoid misunderstandings in their communication.

Smita Malvankar, a senior professional working with one of the oldest taxation firms in Thane joined the Business Spoken English Program in the month of March. She decided to take up this program with a lot of dreams and aspirations in her mind of flying to Canada with her family. She also wished to create an impact at her workplace by delivering impeccable presentations. As she moved up the career ladder and came to a respectable position at her company, the need of being a better English communicator was high.

Trupti Gharat was another experienced professional who joined this program in order to become far more confident in handling her English communication at her workplace. It was very essential for her to be able to express herself in English as her constant interactions at her workplace happened with Japanese clients and companies. Learning English thus became an urgent need for her survival in this highly competitive world. She began her journey with Nirmiti Academy with very little confidence and crippled with fear, nervousness and anxiety. The Business Spoken English Program helped her to overcome her fears by equipping her with the basic knowledge of Grammar along with practising it through various interactive speaking activities based on professional topics and scenarios.

It was indeed an incredible learning journey of Nirmiti Academy with these well-experienced women professionals as they considered this as the greatest opportunity of their life to break their barriers of English communication and thus become impressive at their workplaces. This program thus helped them to manage their client interactions and written communication smoothly.

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Usage of suitable Business Vocabulary as per their workplace scenarios

Confident communication of views and opinions with office colleagues, clients and superiors

Effective drafting of emails with the right syntax and phrases

Constant speaking interventions like group discussions, role-plays and debates as per the professional scenarios and topics

Nirmiti Academy was extremely pleased to conduct the Business Spoken English Program for this batch of dynamic and dedicated women professionals. The constant speaking practice and the constructive feedback shared made it easier for them to realise their focus areas and thus effectively work towards its improvement. In no time, their strengths outnumbered their improvement areas with effective mentoring techniques. This program gave them the right platform and exposure to face their fears with confidence and thus enabling them to overcome it.

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Business Spoken English - Batch 4 - Classroom and Online - Professionals - June 2020

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