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Business Spoken English Program – Classroom and Online - Batches 2 and 3 - June 2020

Communication is a skill which includes systematic and persistent process of speaking, listening and understanding. Most people are born with the physical ability to talk, yet we must learn the ways to speak and communicate effectively. We are currently witnessing the emergence of an advancing economy that is dependent on information and knowledge but needs to overrule volatility and ambiguity. Probably the most important skill and expertise for professionals in the new environment is ability to communicate. This means to be ready to listen and to express your thoughts effectively in writing and in speech. In order to achieve desired success for self, team and organisation, a professional is expected to assess and respond to communication situations that they face constantly in their work life.

Moreover, the essence of modern India is changed drastically. Due to globalisation, it has brought to India different cultures. In today’s competitive world, no organizations want to take a back seat. Their aim is to expand all across the world. English language plays a crucial role to knit the world into a single thread. English now no longer remains a language of Great Britain only. It is the language required by the world for deeper and greater understanding.

English is a global language which has now become a connecting link to all the countries and their functioning across the world. The Business Spoken English Program conducted at Nirmiti Academy for a group of well-experienced professionals aimed at empowering them with exceptional English communication abilities.

Gagan, Rohit and Rajendra were three experienced professionals from the Pharma sector who underwent the three months of Business Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy with a lot of dedication and commitment. It is indeed worth saying that these professionals never refused to learn even amidst their hectic and busy work schedule. They always looked at English as an effective and highly important medium of expressing their views and ideas to their other stakeholders. The wide range of words learnt helped them greatly to tackle any of their situations with ease. They always considered having the right choice of words for every situation that they come across both in their professional as well as personal lives.

As English communication has become essential for all the professionals to perform effectively in the business world or organization, every organization expects and demands from their employees to produce desired and effective results for the company. As the world has gone global, the need to compete in it without efficiency in English is difficult. Most of the organizations train their employees in English communication. One such organization in Thane, Heni Chemicals believed in the work of Nirmiti Academy to have been entrusted the training requirements of three of their valuable employees, Menoddin, Deepa and Smita. English communication became the need of the hour for these professionals working in Manufacturing sector as they were expected to interact with their customers and clients, explain policies and procedures, interact and make deals with foreign clients, deliver impactful presentations, respond to client queries and complaints and many other duties. They found the one stop solution for all their skill requirements at Nirmiti Academy. The extensive three months of Business Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy helped them to become far more confident in English language, thus enabling them to tackle any kind of situation at their workplace.

Pankaj and Sriniwas were two thick friends who joined the Business English Program at Nirmiti Academy from IT sector with the sole objective of seeing the best of each other in order to master at their respective work profiles in IT Sales. They decided to make the most of this Business Spoken English Program so that they ready themselves to compete with the best in world of mind and matters. Highly impactful words along with the knowledge of essential grammar added flair to their English communication.

Vaidehi also was one such dedicated participant of this batch who is a lawyer and entrepreneur by profession. Being a lawyer, it was not easy for her to neglect the importance of English in her professional world. As English became a global language for all the standard communications, the need to use this language effectively in various situations is highly important. The distinction between formal and informal conversations along with Business vocabulary gave her a better insight into the usage of English language. This helped her greatly even in her written communication at her workplace.

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Better usage of Business Vocabulary as per their workplace scenarios

Effective communication of views and opinions with office colleagues, clients and superiors

Perfect drafting of emails with the right syntax and phrases

Increased confidence to handle all kinds of verbal tools effectively

Exposure to experiential activities like group discussions, role-plays and debates as per the professional scenarios and topics

Nirmiti Academy was extremely proud to conduct the Business Spoken English Program for this batch of professionals from varied sectors in Classroom and Online modes. The interactive activities and highly impactful content not only gave the participants an opportunity to learn, apply and practice but also provided them with the right platform to brainstorm, discuss and know more about each other’s industries. Despite the Lockdown, the participants were enthused to upskill themselves and apply their learning in their professional meets, business deals and conferences. Amidst the chaos that the pandemic brought in the lives of a working professional, these business professionals collaborated and inspired each other greatly to gain competitive edge and massive learning in Communication and Business English competencies.

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Business Spoken English Program – Classroom and Online - Batches 2 and 3 - June 2020

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