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Business Spoken English Program – For Professionals - February 2020

English has become the worldwide language of business. As English occupies and strengthens its hold in all professional sectors, professionals have however become liable and responsible to maximise the effective use of English in their daily situations at work. As professionals, they might need to present their ideas for the project in a meeting, listen to their supplier and clients in a phone conversation, find business associates online and read the information on their website or interact with their team or clients through emails and other messenger tools. In order to fulfil all these professional objectives, professionals have greatly felt the need to develop and refine their skills of English language.

The newly launched three months Business Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy focuses on developing all the four skills of English language – Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing required and utilised in business or workplace situations. This program helps a highly experienced professional to get better in his professional sector by developing his English communication skills and conversational abilities. The program also gives the professionals the right tools of presentations.

The Business Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy kicked off with a highly experienced professional from Insurance Sector. Sandhya Modi decided to take up this program with Nirmiti Academy with a very specific goal of working on her English communication skills. The customised and flexible program of Business Spoken English helped her to groom herself professionally as well as empower her with the right tools of English language to refine her presentation and communication skills. The professional vocabulary covered in this program helped her to build up her sentences in an effective manner and gave her the confidence to present herself and her ideas fearlessly. The program also worked closely with her to improve her email writing skills. It helped her to become aware of the etiquettes followed in email writing. Several interactive and experiential activities like group discussions and role – plays gave her the right exposure to practice her English communication with professionals and business leaders from varied sectors. She was also accompanied by professionals with Pharma, Medico Marketing, Entrepreneurial and Realty sectors. The learning journey of Sandhya with Nirmiti Academy certainly turned out to be a fruitful journey with a lot of learning takeaways and professional benefits

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Greater confidence in delivering impactful and effective presentations

Better communication of ideas and suggestions to office colleagues, clients and superiors

Write effective and accurate emails with the perfect syntax and right phrases

Active participation in experiential activities like group discussions and role-plays

Enable fluent and meaningful communication in professional and personal situations

Nirmiti Academy was extremely delighted to embark on the learning journey of Business Spoken English Program with Sandhya. The engaging activities and highly impactful content built up the confidence within her to involve in conversations and communicate fearlessly. We wish her best for her professional endeavors and growth plans in her sector.

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Business Spoken English Program – For Professionals - February 2020

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