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Corporate Training for Walk In Educate Centre Counsellors in Mulund - Oct 2019

Soft skills are interpersonal skills that depict a person's relationship with other people. In the workplace, soft skills are considered to be a counterpart to hard skills, which refers to a person's knowledge and functional skills. Soft skills may seem like inborn personality traits for some, but in many cases, they need to be practiced and learned. The right combination of people skills can be much more difficult to find in an employee than the technical skills may be.

Many studies and findings have proven how soft skills are linked to success. This is especially true in the education sector where skills such as communication, body language, interpersonal skills that characterize relationships with other people are more crucial and relevant than in any other sector.

Soft skills benefit businesses when they are practiced throughout the organization. For example, a collaborative spirit among employees is important when working towards organizational goal. Productivity and output improve when employees work in partnership by sharing knowledge and tools to get work done. The ability to learn new methods and technologies also is a desired soft skills for all employees. Companies that value learning soft skills recognize various learning styles and boost employees to chase the methods that work best for them.

Talking about service industries specifically, whenever you meet clients, you not only represent your organization but also your technical know-how and skills. Education industry as a service provider, has different types of clients that go by different names - students, teachers, parents, prospective collaborations (like the business partners, government, board members, or taxpayers) etc. Customer service in education refers to the experience students and stakeholders have when interacting with the service (refer as education) provider.

Walk-in Educate a reputed VFX, Animation and Design Institute (Vocational courses) based all across Mumbai and Pune understands the importance of soft skills at all organizational levels. Under the leadership of Mr. Ravi Jain, Walk in Educate has won many accolades in vocational educational services in Mumbai. Nirmiti Academy is happy and glad to come on board as a Soft Skills and Personality Development training provider for the three main stakeholders of Walk-in educate - Business Leaders, Centre Counsellors & Students.

Nirmiti Academy commenced the Soft skills training program for 12 Center Counsellors of Walk_in Educate, who are considered as the face of the organization. The program was designed to give an understanding on the importance and scope of client interaction. It aimed at touching upon key topics like importance of first impressions, communication skills, grooming and hygiene etiquette, telephone etiquette, client interaction and negotiation skills.

As the center counsellors are the first point of contact, it is important for them to be well groomed, have a pleasant personality, are approachable and know in and out of the services offered by their organization. The program allowed the participants to get an insight of what actually is client servicing and what goes into making the right impact. It was a fun learning session for the participants as they learnt through role plays, discussions and some team building activities.

Top 2 key Client interactive Skills cultivated through this program:

Communication Skills:

Communication is the key element to success for any service industry professional. Service as a profession that relies on connecting and communicating to serve the customers, communication skill tops the list. Being clear and concise in communication can help one climb the career ladder.

Negotiation Skills:

Negotiation skills are skills that allow two or more parties to reach a middle ground. These are often soft skills and include skills such as persuasion, planning, strategizing, organizing and collaborating with client’s needs. Understanding these skill is the first step to effective client interaction.

Few of the key take-aways from the program:

Make customers love your business

Be transparent in your communication

Ask for and work upon on customer feedback

Show empathy and talk like a human

Delight your customers with your service

Peter Drucker rightly said, “Quality in a product or service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

It is vital for organizations to ensure that their front-line staff negotiates well on behalf of the company. The front-end team must be on the same page as the organization’s objective, so that they fully understand the company’s goals and the expected results the company aims to attain.

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to change their opinion about your business. Customers adjust their conduct and value your brand based on the service they experience.

Dipti Deepak is a Founder Director at NIRMITI ACADEMY, recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutes in India in 2019 by SiliconIndia Magazine She holds a Gold Honours Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration - Human Resources from IES Management College, University of Mumbai. She is a certified TEFL Trainer, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Coach, and a Corporate Trainer. She holds over 12 years of professional training experience in Mumbai and in Paris in the areas of Coaching, mentoring, facilitating transformational trainings for individuals, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and academic institutions, etc. With her leadership, Nirmiti Academy team is coaching leaders in Soft Skills, Business Communication, Business English and Confidence building interventions that empowers and unleash their true potential.

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Corporate Training for Walk In Educate Centre Counsellors in Mulund - Oct 2019

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