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Independence Day Celebration - Personality Development and Spoken English Students, Aug 2019

Whether the organisation has less than 10 employees or more than 1000 employees, coming up with ideas and events that bring all students, professionals and Nirmiti Team members together has been one of our earnest goal of this year. Although Nirmiti Team has been successful in conducting various employee engagement initiatives such as Plantation drive, Coffee and brunch meets, Potlucks at the Centre, Book reading and review sessions at the park, Outdoor Training Program and the most recently appreciated Fitness Trek. So, one such enthusiastic turn of engagement celebration on this Independence Day was a truly special day to remember!

Our identity is defined by the experiences of each of our student and to encourage and plan such get-to-know-each-other activities simply has made every such batch experience truly memorable. Together Everyone Achieves More has stayed true to it acronym and to how we celebrated the true spirit of Independence Day with our students of Personality Development and Spoken English batches of July - Aug 2019. Some of the well known Employee Engagement practices that have been adopted till date by Nirmiti Academy:

  1. Get to know each other better
  2. Within 3 months of their program, students emotionally invest in each other, moreover, a strong bond between batchmates is critical for the learning effectiveness. To encourages people to mingle, break the ice and appreciate Goal setting exercise closely, we conducted a Team-Building exercise

  3. Freedom themed office day
  4. This initiative brought a lot of fun and boost students' interest to come dressed up for the day. They were asked to wear indo-western and fusion costume to matche the spirit of tri-colour with a twist! To witness collaborative influences of the South and West regions of the country in the same class, was really interesting and joyful.

  5. Had team photos
  6. Group photos, funny photos, event and activity photos or random photos snapped when people weren’t watching. It's the element of surprise that can encourage and foster team work and fun at workplace relationships and employee engagement.

  7. Focus on collaboration
  8. Every Personality Development program at Nirmiti Academy involves and engages the students to participate in a team building program and this day was no such exception. A high-power, physically demanding and thoughtful team building games were conducted to bring out the learnings of teamwork and collaboration. The innovative elements were brought in by blending both the students of Personality Development and Spoken English programs to encourage Cross-functional collaboration.

  9. Encourage sustainable Learning experience
  10. To mark the day with some great learnings with Flipchart presentations and final assessments of few of our students on the day brought the purpose and a strong message - a belief that we all work towards - #freedomfromlow confidence. It’s tough to go through this high-intensity program for two months and the culmination day amidst your parents with their kind words of appreciation was an act of true love and an icing on the cake!

  11. Tricolour sweet tooth!
  12. Lunch/Meals/Deserts/Coffee sessions are a great time for employees to get to know each other and bond a bit, but usually people scatter or get too engrossed in placing an order or the meal itself during lunch time. A potluck is a cool (and inexpensive) way to bring people together for a little while. A desert and theme-based desert was a cool way to cater to everyone's sweet tooth!

  13. Celebrate achievements
  14. Last but not the least, we invited and involved a parent talk on the achievement and efforts taken by our student towards his program. Big or small, they are the solid proof that the transformation our students go through is felt, experienced and appreciated by their parents and puts a larger meaning and purpose to the journey. No one can go through tasks and assignments for months, or even years without feeling stretched. In fact Annie, parent of Aaron Rejo does admit that he went through a lot of hard work. However, with her appreciation and kind words, she inspired others and refilled our energy and passion to continue to touch lives. What a great way to end a fantastic day!

    Nirmiti team with new found energy and passion, worked with fervour and zeal to make this Independence day truly memorable! We were proud of each student who made an effort to participate, contribute and activate their confidence for their overall Personality Development

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Independence Day Celebration - Personality Development and Spoken English Program – 15th August 2019

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