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Nirmiti Team Offsite – Let’s Connect 2019 - Culmination - Employee Engagement initiatives – 30th Dec 2019

Team offsites are a wonderful way of celebrating success at the end of the current year and set new goals for the upcoming year! It is also a great opportunity to let your hair down and get to know each other beyond business realms.

Culminating the Employee Engagement Initiative, ‘Let’s Connect’, Nirmiti team offsite allowed each one of us to get into the groove and joyfully enjoy each other’s presence in the team. The outdoor training venue was decided after combing out an option viable for every member. A women-oriented team, we were indeed happy to include our children and the venue was selected keeping the proximity, child-friendliness, and the array of available activities.

Just an hour drive, Srishti Farms was just the right venue to plan our Team Offsite amidst the flora and fauna. With the plethora of amenities viz. swimming pool, botanical gardens, walk-a-chess board game, swings and park, child play zone, and rain dance, we couldn’t have asked for more! Chess, Badminton Court, Swimming area and Rain dance zone were the attention stealers! With three meals on the house and a decently spaced out condo for 5 – 6 persons to take cat naps and strike conversations beyond training plans were just what kept us cared and comforted. With hot chai and bag full of memories, we checked out before dawn and headed back to the city boundaries.

To have planned this outdoor getaway on 30th December really got us to enjoy best of both the worlds. Having conducted many 'happiness' initiatives in 2019 by Nirmiti academy for their students such as Plantation drive, Coffee and brunch meets, Potlucks, Book reading and review sessions at the park, Outdoor Team building Program, Fitness Trek, Independence Day, Navratri and Diwali festive celebrations at the Centre, this Offsite came as a pleasant and well deserved surprise for the team!

Nirmiti team will look forward to more such happiness initiatives with students and internal stakeholders in months to come! We are looking forward to yet another celebration on the upcoming Valentines’ Day in Feb 2020… We may also consider the same venue for a Student getaway soon to be planned in the coming year! The year has finally come to an end and these happy moments give us a larger purpose and more reasons to work harder. We will miss 2019 for all the goodness and good times but we welcome 2020 with open arms

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