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Nirmiti Team celebrates Engagement initiatives with Navratri and Diwali Festivals this Oct 2019

Right from August 2019 this year, Nirmiti Academy has taken up Employee Engagement initiatives and coming up with ideas and events that bring all students, professionals and Nirmiti Team members together to spread joy and happiness has been on top of the Goals 2020 chart. We have been significantly successful in conducting various 'happiness' initiatives such as Plantation drive, Coffee and brunch meets, Potlucks, Book reading and review sessions at the park, Outdoor Training Program, Fitness Trek and the most recent Independence Day celebration at the Centre. Keeping up with the spirit, October month too brought along two mega Indian festivals, bountifully celebrated across all communities.

Right from Navratri to Dashera where we celebrate victory over evil to festival of lights, Diwali was celebrated with great candour by our Personality Development, Spoken English and Business Communication students with equal zest and support.

Let us take our readers back to the memory lane of how each day was designed to exhibit the spirit of these festivals at Nirmiti Academy Professional Training Centre:

Navratri - The Festival of Nine Nights

Navratri – a nine nights long celebration

Navratri – a nine nights long celebration is one of the most followed and celebrated festivals in October. Hordes of people celebrate this festival by following a religious fast for all nine days, dress up in vibrant and gorgeous ghagras and lehangas and sashay their costumes and dancing skills at the Garba or Dandiya competitions to worship Lord Durga and the mythological stories of victory over evil. Each day signifies a colour and each colour signifies the incarnation of Lord Durga and her traits. All employees in working sector dress themselves suitable to the colour of the day and Nirmiti Academy team was truly motivated to scale up their spirit similarly. Every year brings new and varied colours for these nine days and 2019 calendar was not an exception.

Leading Newspaper in Maharashtra and Gujarat publishes article highlighting what colors to wear during the upcoming Navratri festival and their significance in Navratri. So here were the colours adopted by our students and Nirmiti team this year:

Nirmiti Team celebrates Engagement initiatives with Navratri and Diwali Festivals this Oct 2019

To make a conscious choice of colours to achieve your personality goals was the mission of the extended week (Although we did miss the 1st day of wearing Orange, we caught up with White on Day 2). What we also did to set ourselves apart is provide a theme based Engagement calendar on social media handles for each day.

Day 2: White - Beat the Monday Blues with colour White - Bring out the whites to clears your greys and Blues of Monday was the theme of the day. We encouraged our students to believe that colour white brings openness, calm and peace in your personality.

Day 3: Red - Tuesday Trivia - This brought amazing Trivia on colour Red for our readers and followers.

Did you know that #Red is one of the most popular colours used in 192 flags of the world? It is one of those colours that form the most frequent combination of colours. Red is found in approximately 75 percent of all national flags of the world. White is present on about 70 per cent of the flags and Blue is common on approximately 50 per cent of the flags. (Source: CRW flags statistics) Red denotes #power, #passion, #joy, #attitude, #confidence, #courage and #attraction Colours can have positive influences in our life. Let us adopt colour Red to invigorate your #personality

Day 4: Royal Blue - Go Royal Blue synced well with paying a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October. Our entire team dressed themselves to keep up with the theme of Indian Flag with Royal Blue being the Ashoka Chakra colour. Additionally, we could bring in Indo-western influences to bring the spirit of fusion wear and mindset.

#wisdomWednesdays #IAMNIRMITI #goroyalblue #NavratriatNirmiti#gandhijayanti #theGandhianway Gandhiji inspired and touched everyone's lives through his teachings. He showed the true journey of beliefs turning into your destiny.

His wise words were as vast and limitless as the colour #Blue...

Your #beliefs become your thoughts,

Your #thoughts become your words,

Your #words become your actions,

Your #actions become your habits,

Your #habits become your values,

Your #values become your destiny

A true #inspiration, a joyful remembrance!

Our students gave an Ode to these profound words. While shaping their destiny, Nirmiti Academy salutes The Mahatma now and ever!

Day 5: Yellow - Day 5 got the chirpy yellows in our lives and days. Go Yellow theme also brought out our jubilant and jovial perspectives to the day of learning.

#thrillingthursdays #IAMNIRMITI #NavratriatNirmiti #goyellow

Thrill is when you come to a full circle of #transformation Thrill is when one of your students, who is a Managing Director of Sterimax pharma machinery company, Sucheta Chavan, was full of #appreciation and #positive feedback for you and your transformational #coaching. Thrill is when you see the sunny yellow side of your profession.

Our motto of this day was 'Every day counts; every learner counts!'

Day 6: Green - Green, the colour of nature, also symbolises growth, harmony, and safety. It is also associated with everything 'new' and fresh, like plants growing in spring after the winter. People suffer from bad times and situations in life. Sometimes, they struggle to recover from these problems. In such cases, it is best to take some inspiration from the colour, and get a 'fresh start'. Whether it is working on personal growth or setting ambitions in life, everything we do, has to do with green in our life. So, go green and stay away from negativity was the mantra of the day! It was also that special day that we celebrated Dipti Deepak, our Founder Director's Birthday amidst great joy and laughter, positivity and appreciation and love from our students.

Day 7: Grey - weekend vibes with colour Grey - Grey is a cool and sassy yet neutral and balanced colour. Grey was the new black for our Professional students.

Where the colour grey can stifle and depress even the most energetic one, it has a solid base from which the new and positive can come.

It is a colour of maturity, strength and responsibility associated with the grey hair too:)

Igniting our grey cells to work with some creative learning tools for our #BusinessCommunication leaders on Day 7!

#weekendvibe #IAMNIRMITI #grey
#NavratriatNirmiti #strength #wisdom

#GoGrey is a sheer way to accept your weaknesses.
Go Grey is also appreciating your flaws.
Go Grey is also identifying that awaited lining in your dark clouds
Together let us Go Grey to thank our mistakes as they have been our biggest teachers

We skipped Day 8 (being a Sunday) but with full might, we celebrated Day 9 with our Spoken English batches for students as well as of Homemaker professionals.

Peacock green was the color for the day - it is believed to fulfill the desires of devotees. Peacock symbolizes a vibrant life, spirituality, guidance and protection.

Just like the color peacock green, we at Nirmiti Academy tried to help people drop their inhibitions of speaking confidently and living life to the fullest without any fear of communication!

When three diverse minds came together in discreet and creative ways, ‘magical’ moment were created! A big thank you to Nirmiti team, Nimisha Shaan Ruchi Nirbhavne and Shubhanshu Prakash to make day 9 truly abundant. We pampered each other with love, wishes and unmatched positivity!

Our students need special mention - Usha Ghadge for the Meetha Ho Jaye wala chocolate bar, Sucheta to kickstart the superlative birthday celebration with 1st cake cutting on Friday itself, 2nd one of Shaila More with her truly special homemade Rasmalai cake baked just for Nirmiti family, and our extended family of Digikraf team with Megha Kinger and Dalvir Reel to fix up a 3rd birthday cake cutting celebration at their office - we couldn’t have asked for more!

Diwali - The Festival of lights and Joy

Once again, our students, Akshay Thakur and Murtuza Duhawala, from Advanced Spoken English curriculum, worked closely to beautify the Training Centre along with Nirmiti Team. Despite the festivities at their side, they went out of the way to participate in this 'Decorate your Centre' Activity arranged to bring all together on this Dhanteras. They went on to draw rangoli and adorn the centre with paper cup miniature lanterns. To add the festive touch, the Marigolds and the handmade Nirmiti brand coloured Lantern set the right feel. In many ways, both of them came out of their comfort and silent zone and extended their support and active involvement. Their initiatives and support pleasantly surprised us. Dhanteras marks the auspicious puja of wealth and accounting books of wealth conducted by all business owners. We were truly happy to kickstart Diwali with our students and team members. Together certainly everyone achieves more! Our social handle message was truly meaningful and apt for the day full of joy, closeness and gratitude!

"Diwali blurs the lines between flaw and the flawless,
Brings out the #smiles in the deepest woes, Lightens up even the darkest corners,
Sounds and lights, sweets and spice,
With Marigolds, Diyas, Rangoli and great joy,
We kickstart the festivities of #Diwali today with Nirmiti Team!"

These big and little moments of cohesiveness, kindness and gratitude bring immense joy and happiness and percolates into the learning environment at Nirmiti Academy.

A big thank you to Nirmiti team to make these mega festive days really fun! Above all, Nirmiti students from diverse batches for their collaborative support with new found energy, passion, and zeal to make this October Engagement initiative truly memorable!

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Nirmiti Team celebrates Engagement initiatives with Navratri and Diwali Festivals this Oct 2019

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