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Nirmiti Team celebrates Engagement initiatives with Valentine’s Day festivities with Students – Feb 2020

Well, one would say why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day at Nirmiti Academy? The answer is simple. You are your best Valentine! With self awareness and self acceptance journey that each participant takes in beating his or her nerves and gaining confidence, this journey of self-love. And we celebrate each other’s presence on this day. This year was no different than last however, the spirits and enthusiasm need special mention. Our Student engagement initiatives continued with greater positivity and creativity.

The theme was based on #selflove – self appreciation. The activity ‘Valentine Corner’ rotated and took turns in all batches of Personality Development for Students, Spoken English for Homemakers, Public Speaking for Kids, and Business Communication for Professionals in penning down a big thank you for exhibiting a certain quality. An inspiration from ‘Secret Santa activity’ typically conducted to appreciate each person in the organisation with no awareness on who has written that note for you. These nameless notes are read out by the person and feels overwhelmed to be appreciated for his sheer presence or goodness.

Spreading more 'happiness' through setting up kiosks of Valentines Knickknacks and goodies was totally enjoyable and hilarious at the same time. Each batch left no stone unturned to bring out their creativity and genius minds in decorating the kiosks and presenting a spread of greeting cards, cakes, cookies, fruit candies, sweets and savories, and more… They were uniquely sold and bartered at the end of the party with great learnings on selling skills, interpersonal and conversational skills, teamwork, optimum resource utilisation, creativity and more.

With music and high spirits, each of them took the opportunity of participating in ‘Confidence Walk’ – sashay their confidence and attitude. Each student hooted, appreciated and clapped for their efforts and their team presence. Such , initiatives have been successfully conducted the entire year of 2019 by Nirmiti Academy for their students such as Plantation drive, Coffee and brunch meets, Potlucks, Book reading and review sessions at the park, Outdoor Team building Program, Fitness Trek, Independence Day, Navratri, Diwali and Christmas celebrations at the Centre.

Each of them forgot of their flaws and weaknesses and took confident steps towards change through this celebration unanimously and collaboratively.

Scrumptious Food counters, fan moments and super fun games brought the young and the younger together and gave each other memories of lifetime at Nirmiti Academy! Together everyone achieves more! And so we did!

With Candid moments, Group selfies and purposeless laughter, we signed off our Valentine’s Day celebration. We look forward to bringing all positive energies together and create learning opportunities for every student through such experiences.

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Nirmiti Team celebrates Engagement initiatives with Valentine’s Day festivities with Students – Feb 2020

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