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Online Public Speaking Program - Kids - Batches 48 & 54 – UAE, Singapore, India - Dec 2021

Has your child ever complained to you about their hands sweating, or body shaking whenever they faced a large audience? Have your ever wondered about why that happens? That may happen because the child is not well prepared and can’t anticipate how people will react to them. Public Speaking works on this anticipation and gives the right assurance to the child.

Public Speaking is a social skill that reinforces the child’s confidence and promotes their own personal development. It is a far-reaching skill in all areas of life. As much as it is the most sought-after skill, it is also the most dreadful for many of them. Adults may be able to mask their fear of public speaking under a cloak of false confidence while children are quite vulnerable and expose their fears.

Enrolling for a public speaking program will only make children better communicators and understand the techniques by which they can overcome their fear.

Being a better communicator makes your child a better student, leader, friend and more. Be it a conversation with friends, teachers or family, children should possess the ability to express their thoughts. Public speaking trains children to capture the attention of their audience with the skills they learnt and to voice their opinions clearly and openly.

Nirmiti Academy conducted its 48th and 54th batches of public speaking for young speakers from the age group 6-9 years old. The main objective with which each of them joined the program was to improve their public speaking skills and accelerate progress in academics. This may sound to be Herculean feat but with the help of fun and interactive activities, this was very simple for the kids. The batch consisted of students from various locations like UAE, Singapore, Delhi, Thane etc. Having come from various geographical locations, the common thread between all of them was their objective to become a confident student. Each of them had their own set of challenges. Some of them were quite shy while some found it difficult to open up. On the other hand, some of them lacked structure in their speech and some others didn’t know how to showcase the right body language and the list goes on!

Shanaya, a 2nd grade student, enjoyed the 2 months program of Online Public Speaking at Nirmiti Academy. As the program was power-packed with a lot of activities and games, she always took great interest to attend all the sessions with a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure. The concepts like mind map technique, verbal and non-verbal communication was easily understood and absorbed with highly interactive activities. Shanaya greatly benefitted from this program as she understood the importance of being a confident speaker.

Another young participant, Myra from UAE, was very outspoken. But she wanted to refine her speaking skills by giving structure to her thoughts and learning the etiquette of public speaking and conversations. Different kinds of situational role-plays, freestyle conversations, topic presentations etc. ensured that Myra got the opportunity to work on her areas of improvement. In a span of 03 months, Myra thoroughly enjoyed the program and applied the concepts very well in her real-life situations.

Ashwath, a participant from Singapore, joined the Public Speaking Program with Nirmiti Academy for 03 months after completing his Spoken English Program with us for 02 months. After the Spoken English Program, the Public Speaking Program helped him to give a framework to his thoughts. When given a topic, Ashwath would have a train of thoughts in his mind. But to arrange those train of thoughts in a well-structured manner was a challenge for him. However, the speaking activities and the related feedback and guidance helped him to focus in those areas.

Siddhanth, another participant from Thane, liked to talk a lot. But this program taught him to speak exactly in the required amount. The program was a major factor behind his success. Learning the right body language helped him to understand the do’s and don’ts of speaking with others. His constant speaking activities set a new challenge for him on a daily basis, thus improving his performance day by day.

A young participant from Bengalooru, Hanna joined this program to be more interactive with her friends and others in her social circle. As she got a better exposure of interacting with many friends of her age from various locations across the globe, she became confident to face people and converse with them effectively. Learning the mind map technique helped her to express herself in a far more elaborative manner.

Haresh, also a participant from Singapore, joined the Public Speaking Program to know the rights and wrongs of talking with people. He wished to present himself in a far more impactful manner at his school and other social situations. This was just a beginning for him. With each passing day, we were happy to see the progress in his performance. He accepted the feedback well and started making changes in his presentations and speaking accordingly.

Geet was a participant from Mumbai who joined this course with the sole objective of improving her conversational skills. She wished to interact confidently with everyone in her social circle. As the speaking activities were done on a daily basis, it helped her to get a better practice of her speaking, thus making immediate changes in her speaking style. Understanding the concepts of Public Speaking was a cake walk for her because of the highly interactive activities and extremely friendly environment. She not only spoke confidently but also pleasantly. It was a transformational program for Geet. She developed the finer nuances of body language and vocal expressions through this intensive course exclusively designed for young kids of her age.

In a nutshell, this program helped these children to develop their improvisation techniques and helped them to become more expressive and creative in their thoughts. This inculcated the art of translating feelings into words in them.

Nirmiti Academy was indeed happy to be instrumental in each of these children’s life and thus have a great positive effect on their personalities.

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Online Public Speaking Program - Kids - Batches 48 & 54 – UAE, Singapore, India - Dec 2021

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