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Online Spoken English Program - Homemakers - Batch 11 - Nov 2021

The modern society in which we live, knowing English as a language is fast becoming a need. We cannot just deny or overlook the significance of English language in our lives.

The knowledge of English and the ability to speak in English causes the women to feel confident and pleased with themselves. This confidence would give them the strength to defeat the difficulties and challenges in their day-to-day life as a woman. In today’s fast-moving modern society where nobody has time for anybody, women have the best chance to up-skill themselves through Online Learning solutions. Online learning gives an advantage to the women to empower themselves with the right knowledge just at the convenience of being at home.

The most important part of English learning is speaking practice as it enables the individual to not only get a better hang of speaking in English but also to overcome the fear of English speaking. In order to be more familiar in this language, a few women participants joined the Online Spoken English Program for women with Nirmiti Academy.

Nirmiti Academy’s 11th Batch of Online Spoken English Program was a great help to these women participants who decided to learn English to fulfill their own personal objectives. Some of them wished to be fluent in English in order to find a job, while some needed it to take care of their children’s studies. They took a bold step of learning English language in order to find their feet and secure better positions at home or in their social circles.

Nirmiti Academy takes great pride to work closely with these participants to inculcate this valuable life skill in their lives. Shweta, a homemaker from Thane, decided to enroll herself in this course as she always wanted to become a better English speaker for her daughters. With her daughters growing up, it became extremely essential for her to match up to their expectations with respect to English Communication. English. Experiential activities and real-time conversations with co-participants made this language learning process simpler for her. Grammar trivia was an eye-opener for her which made her realize about the errors in her communication. She would always look forward to the speaking assessments and the related feedback as she always liked to challenge herself every time she spoke with her previous performance.

Priya, a newly married homemaker hailing from Bhopal, moved to Thane 3 months ago. Having reached the Mayanagari of Mumbai, the dream of speaking in English fluently caught her mind which landed her up at Nirmiti Academy. As she began the Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy, her fear to speak in English was blocking her way to reach to her aspirations. Although the program was a bumpy ride for her, she never gave up and continued her practice. Easy explanation of Grammar concepts was indeed a game-changer for her as it laid the foundations of English language for her. She also became more familiar with different kinds of words and phrases to be used in her daily-life situations.

Jagruti, another newly married homemaker from Thane, also took up this program as she needed to build the basics of English language. She stayed dedicated throughout her learning journey as she believed in honing her English-speaking skills more than any other life skill. This program was the perfect platform for her to speak English confidently. Constant speaking practice helped her to believe in herself and gain the confidence that she needed to express herself in English language. Situational vocabulary eased her daily life conversations and bettered the quality of her sentences to a greater extent.

The Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy was indeed a transformational program for all these participants as it redefined their personalities to a different level. It opened new possibilities and prospects for each one of them. Nirmiti Academy’s happiness was to see these participants grow as confident English speakers. From expanding their friends circle to celebrating festivals and other special occassions, sharing the best recipes and many more made this learning journey a memorable experience.

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Online Spoken English Program - Homemakers - Batch 11 - Nov 2021

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