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Online Business English Program – Batch 2 - Feb 2021

There could be no other language used in business, political or personal exchanges other than English language. English is the most widely spoken language around the world and is required in communication in a variety of professional expert fields.

With internet and smart technology, the world has become smaller. Globalization, subsequently, has urged organizations to reach past their own backyard and employ qualified staff from various parts of the world.

As private sector organizations become increasingly more competitive to adjust to the world economy, cost optimization, restructuring and more, professionals need to expand their competitive edge as well. It is either you work hard, learn and perform or perish for not dealing with your professional development.

The ability to communicate one’s self in spoken or written form very much relies upon how you plan and strategize your growth and development to remain competitive and employable.

Companies think about English as a significant criterion for choosing a successful candidate. Moreover, employees are expected to be interactive and communicative with others in the team. Teamwork is a vital aspect in multinational companies as effective communication is the means by which business processes keep working.

Nirmiti Academy began the second batch of Online Business English Program for a group of professionals from various locations around the world. This is the first late evening batch of Nirmiti Academy that runs between 8 and 9pm on all the weekdays. Considering the public demand from professionals to engage in a training session post the office working hours led to the formulation of a late evening batch.

As the 2 months learning journey of these professionals continue, the excitement to attend the sessions each day also continue. With micro batch approach, each individual leader is given the right environment and exposure to sharpen their communication skills in English.

Raosaheb Patil, a well-experienced professional working with Mahanagar Gas Limited, joined this program with a lot of aspirations to improve his English communication skills and better the quality of his sentences.

Nita Nargundkar, a doctor by profession, decided to improve her English speaking skills in order to have her interaction smoothened with other professionals in her field. New words and phrases are indeed helping her to refine her sentences.

Sandip Ghule, another curious learner and experienced professional joined us from Dubai in this Online Business English Program. The varied range of vocabulary and constant interactive speaking activities helped him largely to up-skill his English communication at his workplace.

A basic knowledge of English is not enough to open the doors of your career. You need to aim to be an incredibly eloquent speaker to convince and create powerful impressions. The Online Business English Program at Nirmiti Academy simply opens new career avenues before you, thus allowing you to touch new heights in your career as a Leader.

We are extremely glad and pleased to begin this batch of Online Business English for this group of dedicated and experienced professionals and subject matter experts. Constant speaking interventions and constructive feedback shared makes it simpler for them to understand their focus areas and thus accordingly work towards its improvement. This program is the right platform that will help their strengths to outnumber their improvement areas with effective mentoring techniques.

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Online Business English Program – Batch 2 - Feb 2021

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