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Online Business English Program - Batch 3 - May 2021

Did you know that good English is viewed as perhaps the biggest contributor to achieving success at your workplace?

In case you are still one of those individuals who are thinking about how significant English for is working in the corporate world, Nirmiti Academy has the perfect response for you.

The response is that effective communication is the key to expanded sustainability and career growth in the workplace. Without proper knowledge of English language, it might be hard for you to keep up with business connections and eventually climb the corporate ladder.

Considering that English is the most largely spoken and written language in the world, the crux is that learning it can enable you to successfully communicate with other people. From giving your job interviews to exploring new career openings, English is your guardian angel. It is also the top language in technology, innovation and almost all the professional fields.

Nirmiti Academy conducted its third Online Business English Program in May 2021 with two dynamic and multi-talented women professionals from Thane. They wanted to acquire the skills of English speaking to strike off their career goals. The first step to acquire this essential skill of English speaking is to have an open mind and being ready to learn. These women professionals began the program with this open mind and thus up skilled themselves in their formal communication.

Priya Patel, a professional working at TCS, took up the Online Business English Program with Nirmiti Academy for 2 months to learn the formal and corporate way of speaking English. The workplace related role-plays gave her the right exposure to communicate effectively with her colleagues and superiors. Being a professional working at TCS, it was expected out of her to develop high-end interpersonal and networking skills. This program at Nirmiti Academy helped her to achieve those career goals and move up the career ladder.

Sandhya Bharadwaj, a marketing professional, working in a law enforcement company based in the UAE joined the Online Business English Program at Nirmiti Academy from Thane for 3 months. Due to her work environment, it was mandatory for her to be proficient in English communication. Despite knowing the basics of English, she was not able to express herself clearly and confidently in English language. Constant speaking interventions with guided feedback helped her to tackle these issues to a greater extent. Moreover, the situational vocabulary focusing on the professional situations made it easier for her to handle her formal conversations and functional presentations.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Business English Program was a transformational program for this batch of working professionals. Due to the late evening sessions, it was convenient for these professionals to dedicate some time towards their learning process after their working hours. Constant speaking interventions and the constructive feedback given to each participant at an individual level made the learning experience of this program an experiential one. This program is thus the right program for all those professionals who wish to gain a respectable position at their workplace and thus flourish in their respective fields of career.

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Online Business English Program - Batch 3 - May 2021

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