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Online Public Speaking Program – April 2020

Public speaking has always been that skill that many people are terrified to chase; but always want to build slyly. What could be the reason then behind the fear of acquiring the skills in public speaking?
We are here to answer these questions!
Our Public Speaking Program for Kids aims to help each child on a step by step guide on how to conquer that fear and become a confident speaker for their school’s activities, competitions and speaking forums. After all, a good speaker expresses and presents himself/herself well and we all aim to be someone like that.
Public Speaking is a vital skill for your child’s development. Children who practice and enhance their public speaking skills pick up to describe their views with better clarity and persuasion.

Now, as Nirmiti Academy kickstarted her first successful batches of Public Speaking in Jan – Feb 2020, March threw a challenge, an avalanche that swept all countries, governments, organisations, institutions and more off their feet. We are talking about the pandemic ‘Covid-19’ that shook the grounds and realms of the world. Offices, community zones, malls, schools, colleges, government agencies, shops, and more came to a standstill. People were asked to be in lockdown to be safe and away from getting infected by the virus. A seachange in the way people live, buy, spend, communicate, enjoy, travel was seen. But, the only state of being that stayed constant is the need to learn! Right after the 1st lockdown was instilled by the Government of India, Nirmiti Academy took this change to her stride and rolled out Online Learning programs in their flagship services. As we always believed, Learning had no Lockdown, Nirmiti Academy tirelessly curated an exclusive online learning experience with live and interactive course in Public Speaking for school kids.

  Nirmiti Academy commenced its first Online Public Speaking program for students from grade 03 to grade 07 in early April! With a curated approach and design, interactive methods infused in the program and the activation techniques and tools, this series of Online programs are a clear advantage! Pocket-friendly and efficient model made this program take a top seed position in your news feed of our socials!

The Online Public Speaking program at Nirmiti Academy helps your child to develop as a remarkable and confident speaker and makes them stand apart from the crowd at a very young age. Nirmiti Academy acts as a catalyst in shaping and finishing one’s speaking skills, social skills, body language, presentations etc through this program. Young leaders (students) must learn to master the art of articulating their thoughts, views and frame of mind in the most desirable way. That’s exactly the objective with which this program is planned from start to end! Undertaking such a program makes every child a confident and charismatic individual who is valued and appreciated wherever they go.

  One of our participants, Anushka Gharat, a class 4 student from Thane Police School, benefited immensely from this program. She not only learnt about the communication skills, powerful introductions and body language but also how to be a good presenter by taking care of her body language. Our program and the activities helped her to be confident and gave a structure to her thoughts and opinions.

  Another young participant, Nivedita Hariharan, a Class 4 student of Euro School, Kasarvadavali, enrolled herself for the Online Public Speaking program with Nirmiti Academy. Her first stint (Public Speaking Program) with Nirmiti Academy gave her the confidence to speak up and come out of her comfort zone. And this positive experience made her join Nirmiti Academy once again for Speaking Extension Program. This extended program series helped Nivedita to work on her speaking, body language and creative presentation skills.

  This online course largely focusses on the tips and techniques on how to become a better speaker on stage and in public for young kids. We intend to help students reach to a level where they can accept themselves, be confident in any social and academic setting and raise their overall self-esteem.

Every session at Nirmiti Academy is a fresh canvas. Students are encouraged to colour it the way they want, but with some valuable learnings. They are encouraged to speak on numerous topics which are conducted in a fun way.

Nirmiti Academy believes in helping young kids appreciate their true capabilities and strengths at an early age which in a way makes them a stronger, confident and a charismatic individual. All the activities that are conducted in the sessions mainly focusses on the child’s overall development - speaking, presentation, presentation and confidence building.

If you want to utilize this unprecedented duration, shape your child’s speaking potential, and desire to turn them into a confident individual, then this Public Speaking Program is the best for you!

Because #Learninghasnolockdown
Stay home, Stay Safe!

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Online Public Speaking Program – April 2020

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