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Online Personal Excellence Program – Professionals – Batch 3 – India and Switzerland – May – June 2021

Personal Excellence is all about excelling holistically in professional and personal endeavors. While this is a continuous process for any professional, investing highly in your habits, skills and values contributes to maximizing your potential in the long run. By working on some enhancement strategies and techniques, a leader strikes off his aspirations and harnesses his growth milestones both professionally and personally.

Transforming oneself brings transformation in others – is a key to effective leadership. Excellent leadership starts with self-leadership and influential communication. For example, if you transform your communication, people start following you for not just what you say, but for what you have done – converting your spots into stripes! It allows the leader to start influencing and motivating his team through his actions moreover. That is exactly the principle behind Nirmiti Academy’s Personal Excellence program. By creating a knock-out effect in your communication, you start paving a path of excellence for a better future.

Our 3rd batch of Personal Excellence program was no exception to above objective. Professionals from IT and Research sectors joined this program to achieve their Corporate Communication goals. Leadership communication talks largely about conducting oneself impactfully in meetings, discussions, client presentations, large group interactions, and interpersonal communication. The entire program was curated keeping these focus areas in mind.

Their words of appreciation simply motivate us to curate diverse content and transformational techniques in our upcoming program of Personal Excellence to be started in the month of July. “They are extremely professional. I have benefitted a lot from this course. I have nothing negative to say. They are very reliable, understanding, polite, and helpful. I would like to thank Dipti in particular of her contribution towards building my communication. Thank you!

Nirmiti Academy looks forward to plan yet another transformational program for a highly enthused team of Entrepreneurs and Leaders in the coming month.

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Online Personal Excellence Program – Professionals – Batch 3 – India and Switzerland – May – June 2021

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