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Online Personality Development - Batch 2 - Class X - Graduate Students - June 2020

Personality refers to a person’s characteristics, behaviour, attitude his/her own unique ways of observing things and perceiving the world. Genetic factors, family backgrounds, society, varied cultures, latest trends play a superior role in shaping one’s personality. The way one behaves with others mirrors their personality. A person with a pleasing and charming personality is appreciated and revered everywhere he/she goes.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its third batch of Online Personality Development for HSC and graduation students with an aim to groom young students at the right age and make them ready to shine in this competitive world. Nirmiti Academy’s Personality development grooms a person and helps him/her make a mark of their own . Individuals need to have a style of their own for others to look up at them. you would like to be an example for people around you. Personality development not only causes you to look good and presentable but also helps you face the world self-confidently.

One of our participants Tanaya Zad enjoyed and benefitted a lot from these 10 days Starter program. Tanaya’s sole aim of joining Nirmiti Academy’s Personality Development program was to be vocal and confident. All the activities conducted during the sessions helped her a lot to come out of her comfort zone. Her experience with Nirmiti Academy boosted her confidence and motivated her to continue her self-development journey with our 01-month Personality Development Program. Through our 01-month regular personality development program, our goal is to aid students to reinvent themselves and use their talents, hobbies, passions and interest to stimulate their learnings and transform their lives.

Another participant from Pune – Shreya Joshi says, “I had a very good experience here. I learnt a lot of things about personality which I was familiar with but never implemented in my own life. The class boosted up my confidence. Overall, it was a good experience.

We, at Nirmiti Academy, assist you to develop a powerful personality and enable you to stand apart from others. Our Personality development program plays an important role in improving one’s communication skills as well as cultivates the art of expressing their opinions and feelings in the most admired way. This program makes one a confident individual who is appreciated and revered in their academic and social conversations. Through curated exercises on Communication and Presentations, each individual student refines her expression of thoughts, feelings, opinions and knowledge and work towards enhancing their Personal power.

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Online Personality Development - Batch 2 - Class X - Graduate Students - June 2020

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