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Online Personality Development – Batches 5 and 6 – Class X – Graduates – India and UAE – Oct 2020

The nature of your association with others, your bliss and achievement throughout everyday life is nothing else except for the proportion of time you put resources onto self-improvement. Personality development isn't only a method of taking care of issues or challenges in your daily life; it is a method of developing yourself as an individual. It is your way to a superior life, to turn into an improved form of yourself.

Self-improvement is the continuous demonstration of evaluating your life’s objectives and qualities and building your abilities and characteristics to arrive at your latent capacity. They can add to your development, achievement and fulfilment. Numerous individuals fortify their self-awareness aptitudes for the duration of their lives to better themselves and arrive at their objectives.

Nirmiti Academy too believes that one should start working on one’s personality at an early stage and constantly keep evolving as an individual. And hence, Nirmiti Academy kickstarted it’s 05th & 06th batch of Online Personality Development for students from India and UAE. The Online personality development program aids students to redefine themselves, refine their strengths and make them stand out from others in the competitive world.

Elsa J, an engineering student from UAE wished to work on her interpersonal, team working and leadership skills. Elsa was aware of the importance of these skills in a student’s life, but didn’t have the right guidance and mentor to help her apply these skills in real life. And that’s when she approached Nirmiti Academy to mentor her. Elsa was made to go through a series of activities that intended to shape her interpersonal, team working and conversational skills etc. Recalling her thoughtful decision, she said - the personality development course which I had enrolled for in Nirmiti Academy helped me in the holistic development of my personality and my communication. The teachers conducted various interactive activities, group discussions and presentations throughout the duration of my course regardless of the classes being conducted online. It was an amazing experience to be a part of Nirmiti Academy for the past two months.

Another participant, Akshitta K a class 12 student from Chennai who aspires to be an IAS officer, enrolled herself for the 01-month Online Personality Development program with Nirmiti Academy. Her sole objective of joining this program was to become more confident while in public. Initially she used to be very apprehensive and scared when it came to talking to a room full of new faces. However, after doing numerous presentations, group discussions, role-plays and topic speaking activities she realised her true potential and started working on her weaker areas. The program gave her beautiful insight, courage and confidence to break the shackles around fear and shyness.

Thanking Nirmiti Academy she said, “1. Content of the program was really good 2. Lot of practical scenarios were covered like role play etc.3. My presentation skills were improved from this course 4. At the beginning of this program I'm not confident enough but now I'm confident to face anyone. 5. My communication skills were improved. 6. I really thank my faculties because they redefined my personality. 7. I have learnt how to interact with unknown people. 8. I had a good experience and I gained a lot from this program. We too are equally happy to see this change in Akshitta and wish her all our best for her future endeavours.

Importance of Personality Development in a college student’s life:

Career advancement

Better performance in academics

Achieving personal and professional goals

Developing leadership and team working skills

Overcoming fear of public speaking

Developing conversational skills

Being self-confident

One of our participants - Ojasi G, too had similar concerns. Ojasi a class 11 student from Thane, is very creative as a person. Her forte lies in Writing blogs, poems, stories etc in Hindi. However, when it came to presenting her thoughts, work or ideas in public/stage she was never able to do that effectively. And that was because of her fear of public speaking. She tried participating in some programs and competitions to showcase her work, but due to fear, nervousness, lack of confidence she wasn’t able to do that successfully. The online personality development program, boosted her confidence, communication skills, interpersonal skills and presentation skills as it made her go through a series of activities and application-based assignments. She now feels more confident and expressive when it comes to sharing her ideas, thoughts and interacting with new faces. Sharing her experience with Nirmiti Academy she said, “The mentors were friendly so it was never a problem to share my thoughts or work. I got to know more about my strengths and a proper way to use it. Sure, the academy has enhanced me and has played a good part in my journey.”

Another participant, Riya who is currently pursuing HSC found it very difficult to squeeze in time for her personal development owing to her busy schedule (College & Tuition Classes). Thanking Nirmiti Academy she said, “My tutor, Ruchi ma'am, is a very friendly lady. It doesn't feel awkward or nervous to speak in front of her. It felt like a very easy-going session. Dipti ma'am too is a role model considering what an amazing personality she is. I have learnt a lot from this PD session and it will definitely benefit me in future.” Hats off to Riya’s dedication! It is because of her dedication, determination and Nirmiti Academy’s experiential activities and live interactive sessions, Riya was able to learn and do so much for her personal development.

This program is highly effective for students who take baby steps towards structuring their career from class 11 itself. Online personality development program brings people from different countries and continents together to add valuable learning in this transformational journey that each college student takes in building his/her life and career.

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Online Personality Development – Batches 5 and 6 – Class X – Graduates – India and UAE – Oct 2020

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