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Online Personality Development – Batches 7 and 8 – Graduates and Postgraduates Oct 2020 – Jan 2021

Personality Development is the buzzword and has painted the town red in literal sense! Have you tried to know the reasons? Well, as far as we go back to the memory lane, we can see how individuals like us have schooled and received education of higher order and benefit. We were nurtured with higher focus on information, recall, examinations, etc. But how many of us can really remember any emphasis given on personality traits, values, behaviors, etc.? The school setup mainly laid the foundation in our intellect however failed to stir and regulate the temperament, persona, social ethos, traits, etc. that we all are expected to follow as we start a new chapter of ‘workplace’ in our lives. Personality is the sum total of these and more…

We do agree that heredity and genetics play a huge role in cultivating our Personality. We are simply born with certain traits and have little scope to really choose or shop them. However, we have all the means to regulate them to bring the organized whole of you to create a difference in your and others’ lives as we grow. Creating positively influential environment within and around you, is the basic premise of developing the personality traits.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Personality Development program has ten crucial personality traits for those students who are at the onset of taking larger academic responsibilities. Communication skills, Problem solving, Creative thinking, Time management, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork, goal setting, listening and feedback, are emphasized and related activities are conducted to build students’ personality.

Our 7th and 8th batches kickstarted an amazing learning experience for six students from Nov 2020 – Feb 2021. Madhura J, a medical student joined Nirmiti Academy with a definite purpose. She worked closely with Nirmiti facilitators in building her confidence and presentation abilities. She went out of her way to attend her online sessions and triumphantly completed her program along with her Bachelor program in Dental surgery (BDS). Her efforts were truly appreciated by her classmates as well. In her words, “It was a wonderful experience of 2 months. Wherein I learnt how to make impactful presentations, gained confidence while presenting, grooming into better version of myself. Dipti ma'am and her team guided us so well. Thankyou and it was a great learning experience.” As she now calls herself as Dr. Madhura Jadhav, her personality oozes confidence and conviction in her abilities.

Lavisha R, a graphic designing student from Thane, had paved a clear path to make her career in creative field of graphic designing. Her strength in making creative tools lacked that right spark and style to communicate impactfully. Through series of group discussions, presentations, and blended speaking activities in English language made a huge difference in her abilities to speak and interact with others. Her words of appreciation were equally motivating! “It was an amazing journey from start to end! The personality development course which I had enrolled for in Nirmiti Academy helped me developed my personality and my communication skills. The program contained various activities like presentation, role play, group discussion etc. It helped me to build confidence in myself. I was glad that I was the part of nirmiti academy from past two months.”

While few students took up two months of core training program, Rishika M, an Architectural student from Dombivili had clear goals and a long term Vision when she joined Nirmiti Academy for three months. Since she also aspired to pursue master’s degree in architecture in Australia this year, she was preparing herself to be a well-rounded professional student. Her efforts and intent were truly appreciated. She actively participated in all group discussions and put her best foot forward in designing visual tools of presentation on varied subjects. While her program ends in last week of February, we wish her our mighty best in all future endeavors!

One cannot avoid emphasizing the importance of Personality Development for students to:

Develop appropriate skills and temperament

Creating a growth and problem-solving mindset

Practise and achieve consistency in speaking in public forums

Learn to use time judiciously and build winning habits

Promote lateral and critical thinking

Reduce conflicting perspectives with assertive communication skills

Manage oneself in different situations with confidence and right etiquettes.

Nirmiti Academy’s Personality Development program encourages students to go beyond the classroom through project-based methodology and add value to their career prospects and personal skills.

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Online Personality Development – Batches 7 and 8 – Graduates and Postgraduates Oct 2020 – Jan 2021

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