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Online Personality Development - Professionals - Batch 1 - April 2020

Personality Development is redefining your skills, behaviors and attitude for a better today and tomorrow. For Professionals, it becomes imperative to bring changes in their mindset, perspectives, skills sets, knowledge and attitude to learning and performing every 3 years today. Especially in the VUCA world, where change is the only constant, it is essential to upskill oneself and create a competitive edge for oneself. Excellence at Personal and in turn, in Professional areas is the penultimate goal of every professional today.

Our Personality Development Program, coined as Personal Excellence Program for Professionals aims to redefine themselves, sharpen their strengths and talent and create a pipeline of skills sets that will enhance his career and personal goals. Program is customised and focused areas are identified to make this training into practical, tangible and enjoyable process of learning.

With the insurmountable feat of beating out the virus ‘Covid-19’ and resume business as usual was a hearsay! Although all theories lead us to accepting the new normal and take all the possible difficulties into our stride. Likewise, to change with time and adopt the new normal, Nirmiti Academy kickstarted her first successful batch of Online Personality Development for Professionals in April 2020.

With Covid-19 creating major hurdles in travel, work from home came into forefront to contain the virus and safeguard the interests and health and hygiene of the nation. That threw educational, vocational and skill building institutes and associations like Nirmiti Academy in a bigger challenge to provide their core competency services without compromising the health and well being of facilitators as well as students. However, Nirmiti Academy left no stone unturned to continue learning even during the lockdown. Personality Development course has remained our forte and the most sought out service of the Academy till date. To redesign and curate a compatible, tangible and online program for Professionals supported with extended hours of content design and development by Nirmiti team and resulted into kickstarting the program on 20th April.

The Online Personality Development program helps the professional to acquire and sharpen their corporate mannerisms, prepare them with the right grooming tips and work closely in becoming a finer communicator in presentations, meetings, discussions and social interactions. By the end of this online course, each professional will get to:

Greater confidence and communication

Work out strategies to be an impactful presenter

Identify the gaps and redefine their goals

Create a sustainable improvement plan for personal and professional development

Santosh Sahu, one of professionals from Merchant Navy sector from Vishakhapatnam, joined this Online Personality Development program to work on his overall confidence and bring back refreshing energy in his persona. He has already started showing considerable improvement in his body language and abilities to interact more out of his comfort zone. With more 2 weeks of learning and exposure, we are sure he will hit the finishing line with the expected takeaways!

Laxmikant, an Engineering professional from one of the confectionary companies in Mumbai, had approached us 3 months back with his keenness to join the Classroom program however, his tight schedule did not strike a win-win. He was really glad to undertake this program for a month to work on his communication, presentations and overall improvement. He was enchanted to see an overall development in his confidence even before the program has come to an end.

Every program of Personality Development brings an array of benefits in your communication, confidence and behaviour. It helps you to find and apply strategies to better your perspectives and change your mindset for better today and a greater tomorrow! Set yourself apart from the rest of your colleagues with these highly participative and reflective 10 days. A remarkable journey of bringing definite transformations in your personal and professional life.

With new batches rolling out for Professionals as well as Students, we indeed look forward to catalyse these transformations and focus on a professional’s overall development. As we always believed, Learning had no Lockdown, Nirmiti Academy tirelessly works closely with students, professionals and homemakers with their newly designed online learning services and upskill them in Personality Development, Soken English and Public Speaking.

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Stay home, Stay Safe!

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Online Personality Development - Professionals - Batch 1 - Apr'20

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