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Online Personality Development Program - Batch 1 - Class X - XII - Graduate Students - May 2020

Personality refers to a person’s characteristics, behaviour, attitude his/her own unique ways of observing things and perceiving the world. Genetic factors, family backgrounds, society, varied cultures, latest trends play a superior role in shaping one’s personality. The way one behaves with others mirrors their personality. An individual with a pleasant personality is well appreciated and respected everywhere he/she goes.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its first batch of Online Personality Development for students of Class X to XII in May 2020. Nirmiti Academy’s Personality Development grooms an individual and helps him/her make a mark of their own. You need to be an example for people around you. Personality development not only makes you look good and presentable but also helps you face the world with confidence.

We, at Nirmiti Academy, help you to develop an impressive personality and make you stand apart from the rest through curated techniques and such unique activities that help Individuals master the art of expressing their opinions and feelings in the most desired way. This online Personality development course makes one a confident individual who is appreciated and respected in the career that he chooses. Considering the batch’s requirements, focussing on Communication skills played a crucial role in refining their personality. As you know, Communication helps individuals to express themselves in the most considerable and impactful ways. To ensure that your thoughts, feelings, opinions and knowledge should be passed on in the most desirable way, varied activities were planned to better their Communication and their content.

Asmi Kamthe, a class 10th student from Pune, enrolled herself for the 10 days Personality Development Program, was confident but somewhere she had certain apprehensions related to presenting herself in front of others. Undergoing this program not only gave her an insight on her strengths and improvement areas but also a solution to overcome such confidence related concerns. Sharing her experience with Nirmiti Academy, she said “It was an amazing and a very different experience! Got to learn a lot of things... Can really feel the new and confident me. I wish to do a lot more and new seminars. Thanks to Nirmiti Academy!!!”. Along with Asmi few more class 10 students from Pune joined the 10 days Personality Development Program for working on their overall skills.

Gayatri Zagade, a post graduate student, benefitted from this program largely and took further steps to developing her language in yet another program with Nirmiti Academy. Gayatri lacked structure in her thoughts and presentation, which in a way acted as a barrier in her personality. She joined this program to transform from reserved nature to a free and easy going communicator by actively participating in all the activities conducted throughout the sessions. This program gave her an understanding of the importance and need of effective communication and presentation skills.

Why Online Personality Development Program at Nirmiti Academy?

You discover your unique qualities, strengths and weaknesses

You observe your very own practices and habits, and subsequently improve them

You explore your character attributes and true potential

You accomplish your goals

You understand how to set personalized objectives for your life, based on what you’ve learned during deep self-analysis

Remember, Personality development is not only about our appearance, good looks and wearing expensive brands. It is also about developing one’s inner self and being a far more confident and expressive person. Nirmiti academy believes in helping young students to identify, appreciate and develop the right skills, attitude and personality at the right age, which in a way makes them stronger, more confident and charismatic in their life and career.

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Online Personality Development Program - Batch 1 - Class X - XII - Graduate Students - May 2020

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