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Online Personality Development program - batches 3 and 4 - Class X - Graduates in Jul - Aug 20

Personal development is more than just working on talents you already possess. It is a part of Self-awareness: it’s about growing, developing, evolving, and growing significant capacities that you can use to change yourself and the world.

Nirmiti Academy commenced its 03rd & 04th batch of Online Personality Development program for a set of students who wanted to create a mark for themselves in this competitive world. Nirmiti Academy’s Online Personality Development for students aims to reexplore themselves, polish their strengths and make them come out of their comfort zones.

Tanaya, a class 12 student from Pune enrolled herself for the 01-month Personality development program with Nirmiti Academy. After undergoing a 10-days capsule program she noticed a good amount of change in her confidence and speaking abilities. Her mother too was happy to see this transformation. And hence, decided to extend Tanaya’s program by a month. The 01-month program gave Tanaya better exposure and more opportunities to come out of her shell (read comfort zone). This extended personality development program made her go through a series of presentations, discussions and assignments that made her realize her true potentials and, in a way, gave her opportunities to convert her weaknesses into strengths.

Just like Tanaya, Aishwarya too, a class 12 student from Pune decided to extend her 10-days program by a month with Nirmiti Academy. Aishwarya, who aspires to be a nutritionist realized the importance of personality development at an early age. Initially she used to be very apprehensive and scared when it came to talking to roomful of strangers. She used to find it difficult to manage her interpersonal skills. But soon she realized that this weakness can act as a hurdle for her in achieving goals and hence she decided to go ahead with Nirmiti Academy’s 01-month online personality development program. Aishwarya who wants to be in the medical field, now understands the importance of effective communication, right body language and giving a proper structure to her thoughts while interacting with others.

Our Online Personality Development program is one of the flagship programs that aims to bring personal development in your mindsets, values, actions and thoughts. It changes your perspectives and brings you closer to your goals in life and in your career too. This program is customized, and focus areas are recognized to make this experience more practical, concrete and pleasurable process of learning. The entire learning journey can be scaled up to 03 months.

Atharva G, final year engineering student from Mumbai came with his own set of challenges. Being a final year student, he was aware of the importance of working on his personality for being the first choice of employers. Atharva chose to go through an extensive program of 03-months that covered various topics that are beneficial for personal and professional development. Undergoing the extensive 03-months program helped him to work on his verbal and non-verbal skills, presentations, goal setting, time management, team working skills etc. This 03-months program made him go through a series of assessments and assignments which were highly practical. All the topics/concepts that we cover are highly application based. This methodology gives students a better understanding of the concepts. As he finished his course said, “It was an amazing journey from start to end! I have experienced a drastic change in myself throughout the PD program. I would definitely recommend taking up this course to anyone who wants to develop not only their communication skills but also many other skills that come along!”

Another participant Musaab Khan – an interior designing student from INIFD, Vashi who was a part of our 01-month Online Personality Development Program too benefitted immensely from this program. Sharing his experience, he said, “It was knowledgeable course that improved my stage fear and communication skills. I would recommend other to join this academy for enhancing their skills.”

As per the need analysis of each student, a lot of focus was provided on various aspects of transition from campus to corporate life, confidence building activities, role-plays and group discussions.

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Online Personality Development program - batches 3 and 4 - Class X - Graduates in Jul - Aug 20

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