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Online Public Speaking – Batch 43 – High School & Graduates – India, Saudi Arabia and UAE – June- August-2021

One of the most thrilling things about forming a reputation as a promising speaker is a getaway that can be opened. Being in front of a crowd makes you distinguishable and sociable which works wonders in a world that’s based on interacting and creating associations. If you lay down a good foundation for yourself as a skilled communicator, others may recognise that and want to create contacts with you in the personal, academic, social or employment world. The very act of holding your audience’s attention with your speech is one that helps you build a trustworthy reputation and can showcase your charm. Public speaking can simply be the start of something that will help you to turn into the best version of yourself.

Nirmiti Academy strongly believes that college students should start working on their public speaking skills at an early stage and continuously keep growing as a speaker. And hence, Nirmiti Academy kickstarted it’s 02nd batch of Online Public Speaking for students from India and UAE. The Online public speaking program guides students in redefining themselves, refining their communication skills and makes them stand out from others in this world of cut throat competition.

Bhumika S, an IIT aspirant from Hyderabad wished to work on her confidence, interpersonal and leadership skills. Bhumika was conscious of the importance of communication skills in a young student’s life, but didn’t have the right pathway to apply these skills in real life. And that’s when her father approached Nirmiti Academy to polish her public speaking skills. Bhumika had to go through a series of activities that intended to shape her confidence, personality, verbal and non-verbal skills Remembering her wise decision to go ahead with Nirmiti Academy’s Online Public Speaking program for college students, she said – “It was a wonderful experience for me and joining to nirmiti academy is one of my best decisions because i can see a lot of changes in myself, i'm a more confident person now. Thanks to Dipti ma'am and Ruchi ma'am.”

Another participant, Meghna M a 02nd year student from UAE who aspires to be a counsellor, enrolled herself for the 02-months Online Public Speaking Program with Nirmiti Academy. Her sole intention of joining this program was to become more confident while in talking to people. She used to be very nervous and fearful when it came to talking to people. She used to use a lot of space fillers while interacting with others. However, after doing numerous presentations, group discussions, role-plays and topic speaking activities she understood her true potential and began working on her weaker spots. The online public speaking program gave her the required guidance and confidence to break the shackles around her fear of public speaking.

Thanking Nirmiti Academy she said, “The entire journey with Nirmiti academy was really interesting and I could engage with so many people at one time .and the whole program was really helpful for me, to improve my presentation, speaking and communication skills. Now I feel really happy after these classes of 2 months. Now I am confident that I can do something and I have a potential from doing all activities. Looking forward to work with this academy whenever I have a break my sincere thanks to Ms. Ruchi and Ms. Dipti for their timely guidelines. We too are equally happy to see Meghna transform into a confident speaker.

Importance of Public Speaking Program:

To understand various aspects of public speaking

To develop verbal and body language skills

To gain confidence in multiple public speaking forums

To design and improve upon your knowledge and content delivery

To build audience management skills

To become an influential & effective speaker

This program is highly effective for students who take steps towards shaping their speaking skills. The online public speaking program brings people from different countries and states together to add notable learning in this transformational journey that each college student should take in being a confident public speaker.

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Online Public Speaking – Batch 43 – High School & Graduates – India, Saudi Arabia and UAE – June- August-2021

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