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Online Public Speaking – Batch 13 – Level 2 – Dubai and India - August 2020

Public speaking is the technique of imparting information to a group of people. It is commonly done before a massive crowd, as in school, the working environment and even in our own lives. The benefits of realizing how to interact with a group of people contains sharpening basic speaking skills i.e. verbal and non-verbal abilities.

Nirmiti Academy launched its second batch of advanced public speaking program for students who had successfully completed level 1 with us. We have curated a level 2 for participants who want to continuously upgrade their public speaking abilities.

Presentation tools like Cue Cards, PowerPoint presentations etc. are effortless to use and act as an influential tool for giving presentations. By means of tools one can reduce speaking anxiety issues by drawing eyes away from the speaker and towards the tool. This leads to bringing a better stability in presentations and body language.

Aparajita H, a class 08 from student from Navi Mumbai too continued her learning journey with Nirmiti Academy by enrolling herself for the Advanced Public Speaking Program. Undergoing the Advanced Public Speaking Program gave her an amazing insight on bettering her presentation skills by using various presentation tools like PowerPoint Presentations, Cue Cards, Posters etc. She says, “I personally enjoyed doing both the levels (1 and 2). Getting to learn new things about public communication and speaking skills is really overwhelming.

Thank you to all my teachers for making the learning fun (like by adding ppt presentations, etc.)”. She has benefitted immensely from Nirmiti Academy’s Level 1 & Level 2 program as she now feels more confident and creative when taking part in school projects and competitions. She has certainly gained a competitive edge over others.

Making your presentations more interesting through the usage of tools can help you to develop your audience’s attention. Presentation tools let you use pictures, audio and video and have a greater visual outcome. These tools may also benefit a presenter to be more spontaneous and collaborative with the audience!

Key takeaways from the Advanced Public Speaking Program:

Being contented and confident when interacting with others

Being an effective communicator and presenter in school projects as well as social gatherings

Get super confident in balancing varied tools and topics in larger groups

Get familiar with various form of presentations

Another participant Kaasinath D, a student from Dubai too enjoyed being a part of Nirmiti Academy’s Advanced Public Speaking Program. This program helped Kaasinath take his presentations and confidence to another level. He benefitted immensely from the methodology and the individual feedback that he received for his speeches, presentations, body language, content etc. as he aspires to be a content creator on Youtube.

That’s the beauty of Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking Program. Right from level 1, the child practices public speaking skills and continues to give speeches or presentations with the help of a tool till he completes level 2.

Nirmiti Academy’s Advance public speaking program imparts those skills and practices that are vital to demand an audience’s attention, inform and enlighten them, and present yourself as an exceedingly pleasant speaker!

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Online Public Speaking – Batch 13 – Level 2 – Dubai and India - August 2020

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